friday finds.
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hello friends, it’s friday — right? who knows these days. i’m feeling pretty good right now (it’s always up and down) and reading up a storm — and some really great books, too, so you might like to check out my reading list on goodreads if you’re looking for a little escape. this week’s friday finds are hopefully an escape for you, too. we’re getting rather dark and dramatic today — enjoy!

xo, victoria

  1. i’m in love with this cozy living room featured on architectural digest germany photographed by @herz.und.blut. that sofa sectional looks like you could just plop down with a good book and never get up. the color scheme is super soothing, too.
  2. this is a very sublime space in bali, and i’m always a sucker for a pretty bamboo lounge chair. i think you’ll love the full tour, photographed by taylor simpson. it’s the slow, a beautiful Indonesian hotel i’m putting on my must-visit list.
  3. how about this incredible bathroom? that round port-like stained glass window over the tub is just dreamy. i’d love to fill up this tub with sweet-smelling bubbles, light some candles and soak the stress away.
  4. i love the brilliant idea of this cabinet repurposed as beautiful cocktail bar from designer nicole fuller’s very own greenwich village townhouse. functional but fantastic.
  5. i am in awe of erin hiemstra of @apartment_34’s incredible victorian renovation, and her living room is just one stunning part of it. i love the way she painted the interior window trim jet black. looks so smashing!
  6. this beautiful bedroom is so very dreamy. i love that huge greenhouse-like window behind the bed, as well as the clever shelving for all your favorite books, and bedtime accouterment.
  7. this beautiful and very dramatic vingette is from @eyeswoon’s new book live beautiful photographed by one of my personal favorites @nicole_franzen.
  8. this is also very dark and dramatic bedroom painted black, but those pops of bright green really add a funky, bohemian edge to it. the arched ceiling is quite stunning, too.

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  1. Wow that first Sofa really blows my mind. Do you know where I can find it? Thanks for the always so beautiful inspirations!

    • Thanks, Lea! I kow – I love it, too, but I think it’s from somewhere in Germany and I’ve yet to find it. But if I do, I’ll let you know. :)

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