lovely lantern light.
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oversized lantern lighting / sfgirlbybay

i’ve still got a mad crush on oversized lighting, and the glow of lanterns in particular. i love a beautiful naguchi lantern or a herman miller bubble lamp (like the one in my bedroom, above). but should you be looking for some similar affordable lighting options that make a huge impact you might just consider the paper lantern, and in my opinion the bigger the better! the japanese-inspired paper lantern has been around forever and can really light up a room in more ways than just their lovely, luminous glow and i found the one in my home office at bunkado in l.a.’s little toyko (they’re online, too). if you take a look at many of these rooms, you’ll see how dramatic their look is, and at a relatively low investment. these origami-inspired lanterns, for instance, are under twenty bucks! add this Gold Electrical Cord Swag Kit (also under $20) and you’ve got a pretty dynamic look for very little money. paper table lamps are in abundance online as well.

oversized white paper lantern light. / sfgirlbybay

oversized noguchi lantern lighting / sfgirlbybay

mid-century modern paper lantern lighting fixture. / sfgirlbybay

paper lantern lighting / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r:  bunkado paper lantern in my @sfgirlbybay home office; world market White Origami Round Crinkle Cotton Paper Lantern; libertyn interiors; urban outfitters Tall Paper Lantern Table Lamp; Palacio Hotel bathroom in Rome via by cocoon; urban outfitters Paper Lantern Table Lamp; new york home via architectural digest espana; world market White Origami Prism Crinkle Cotton Paper Lanterns with their White Electrical Ceiling Hardwire Kit; bedroom via pacha design journal; urban outfitters Covey Lantern Pendant Light.

oversized lantern lighting / sfgirlbybay

paper lantern lighting in bedroom. / sfgirlbybay

paper lantern pendant light over dining table. / sfgirlbybay

white-washed rooms with paper lantern lighting. / sfgirlbybay

oversized white paper lantern light. / sfgirlbybay

unique shaped paper lantern lighting fixture. / sfgirlbybay

oversized white paper lantern light. / sfgirlbybay

white paper lanterns in white-washed homes. / sfgirlbybay

white paper lantern in bohemian modern bedroom. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: @sfgirlbybay; @sylviatribel; @maraserene; mister design; vartnya hem; @kawa_heart_studio; light locations; l-e-a-b-o; @kawa_heart_studio; @sylviatribel; design*sponge; @kawa_heart_studiolight locations; anne black’s home via bobedre; vt wonen; @reno_notebook.

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  1. Hi Victoria
    For some reason I haven’t received your blog posts to my email this week. Thought you took a few days off (entitled for sure) but then I just went to your site. Hum…any thoughts on why I may have dropped off your list? Love everything you do so don’t want to miss a post. Let me know if I need to re subscribe. Many thanks and stay safe!!! Shelby

    • Hi Shelby,

      I just had a look and for some reason my annual billing had expired but I hadn’t gotten a notice. Should be back in business, now!

      Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Yes, for over a year now we have a 70 cm paper ball light hanging over our dining room table. In our old house we had a chain of 4 beneath each other hanging in a void in our house. While I love chandeliers, the simplicity of these lights continues to enchant me. The big Noguchi light is my favorite. In the house of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoood Matadin in New York there is one in the living room. Because the space is so high it is perfectly suited for that room. I hope you are doing OK. We hear really dreadful stories coming from the US.

  3. Close to useless, unfortunately. Cannot connect photos to information. (Clockwise means little in a vertical scroll.) Recommend that you insert letters or numbers INTO your images so there’s a key. Bye.

  4. Hey there! I am in search of the largest round paper lantern I can find. I absolutely adore the one that hangs in cookspacebk (Michelle Mannix) but its a Noguchi lamp *the largest one and I just can’t swing that monetarily right now. There is an image above also a Noguchi in a kitchen – I just love this oversized look for sure. Can you suggest a more affordable option. I am looking at Hay 80cm just not sure that will have the oversized look I’m afraid. Plus it’s not sold with the cord set. So where does one go for that? I appreciate your time and have followed you for years and years! – Lara

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