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hi guys, i haven’t checked in from a personal standpoint in a while, so i thought i’d kind of give you an update of what’s been happening here at sfgirl. some of you might be new here, too, so if you didn’t know i’ve been blogging here since 2006 — this june marked 14 years for me! and, it’s funny but i still love it and people often ask me, “what’s next for you?” but the truth is, this is really what i like doing, so i don’t branch out too much. sure, of course, i’ve done a few things new — like writing and photographing my book, see san francisco published by chronicle, which was a passion project and a love letter to my former hometown. and i’ve opened super marché, another project i love — shopping for unique vintage home treasures in france and bringing them home for you to shop has been a dream come true for me. i also have a curated a collection of my favorite products i like to call marché recommends. and i have an amazon shop, also filled with all my favorite and unique online finds. and, lastly, i collaborated with the inside on a furniture collection. i’m also considering opening an online art print shop, for some of my photos (like this one above) if you think you might like that.

marché recommends / sfgirlbybay

so this is where i tell you what’s up with my career and humbly ask for a bit of support. with covid-19, about 90% of my sponsorships have come to a halt while brands try to stay in business, to figure out what’s next and how to adapt to this new ‘not-normal’. therefore, blogging has essentially become a hobby for me again, with very little income coming in. so i’m sharing this all with you because if you’re open to it, i’d so appreciate your support in some of these other areas of mine — the inside collection, the vintage shop, my amazon favorites, and marché recommends (those links are always in the right sidebar). i’ve seen a few blogs offer subscriptions to readers, but i don’t want to charge my followers to read my content. i’d rather just put this out there, and if you should so choose, when you go online to shop you might consider supporting the blog through these other avenues. it’s not easy for me to ask this of you, but i’m sharing a few of my very favorite recommendations today and if you like what you see, well, then i’m thrilled. thanks one and all for your always kind and loyal readership! it means the world to me and i’m eternally grateful for all your many years of support. stay safe!

xo, victoria

marché recommends / sfgirlbybay

marché recommends / sfgirbybay

marché recommends / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I’ve reached out to you before about your photography and I’d probably go bankrupt buying from you. So….200% YES please start offering prints. I ready your blog daily and sort of use it as a bedtime story to myself, drooling all over the photos. These are trying times for sure and I will do my part to keep you up and running. Had no idea about your Amazon shop so I’ll head there now! Be well and keep doing all the fabulous things you do. My soul needs your beautiful work!

    • Thank you so much, Michelle. I’m working on the print shop now, but don’t go bankrupt! ;) I should be up and running soon. Thank you so much for all your continued support and loyalty to me and the blog. I so very much appreciate your kindness! Cheers, Victoria

  2. These are trying times for sure. Everyone is having to pivot. It will be interesting to see how many bloggers and “influencers” have to figure out a different way to make a living, such as provide a service or learn a trade, instead of posting selfies and sponsored content. That was a bubble that was bound to burst sooner or later, maybe it finally has.

    • It’s an interesting time, for sure, Kat. And while I’m not sure if you’re referring to me, as a blogger, but I’ve never been comfortable with the term ‘influencer’ and rarely post a selfie. I do, however, provide my readers with fresh content to hopefully be inspired by 5 days a week at no charge. So, it is actually a ‘service’ and a ‘trade’ (I have an AA degree in Interior Design and a background in art direction and styling having worked in advertising for 15 years). I work really hard here to give you something to read, much like a magazine, but without many, many pages of ads to sift through and not a lot of sponsored posts. So perhaps you will consider taking that into consideration. Not all of us are just about popularity, likes, and selfies.

  3. Victoria, I’ve been getting my condo ready for sale—it goes on the market Thursday—and my funds are drained. But as soon as there is money in the bank I will support you through one of your shops. I can’t imagine my mornings without you. Thanks and take care.

    • Thanks so much, CeCe. I know it’s a really challenging time for everyone and I hope everything is alright for you. I’ll be sticking around for a long while, even if I have to find extra work elsewhere. Thanks for always being such a loyal reader! xx

  4. YES! Yes, to the print shop! I’ve seen another blogger do it with great success, and always thought that it should really be you who is doing that. Your photos and style are far above anything I see elsewhere. Please do it! Also, I’m glad you’re still blogging and I hope things improve soon!

    • Thanks so much, Lynne! I’m testing some of the prints for quality and hope to start up the print shop very soon! Perhaps including other artists as well! Thank you for all your kind comments and support!

  5. I’m here on and off since 2006! I saw in my Feedly you were posting something personal ~ so stopped by for this.

    Here’s a thought I heard about this week… Erykah Badu is offering $1 concerts ~ which I thought was such a great idea. Maybe you could offer some sort of online something that we could all be a part of, pay a small fee for, connect through, and learn from you. No idea what, but just thought I would plant the seed. You are a wealth of knowledge and experience and have a lot to offer! We are all trying to figure out how to help ourselves and help others right now, starting small could turn into something big…??

    Good luck!

    • Hi DeAnn, I know – I should probably get personal more often, and this one was difficult to post, so thank you so much for support! I love that idea, and I’ll have to give it some thought and consideration. Could be fun to create something unique for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to provide me some food for thought and for reading for so darn long! xx

  6. HI! I check in here literally every day and throughly enjoy your posts. Your work is very inspiring! I will make a point to order products through your Amazon portal as I need them. Be well!

  7. Aloha Victoria! I’ve been reading your blog since just about its start, and I just wanted to share how much your beautiful posts and great eye have inspired me. From rooms to gardens to vacations (I found the Atlantic in Byron Bay because of you, and your tips for Lisbon and Portugal were SO great!). I’ll be making a purchase from your recommends, but also wanted to say that i would definitely purchase prints if you decide to pursue that. Please continue to share ways that your readers can support you during this tough time…I’m sure there are many like me that want to show our loyalty and support to ensure you can continue!

    • Hi Tricia,

      Thank you so much! I think sharing my favorite travel spots is one of the things I enjoy the most when posting, so I’m so glad to hear it – Lisbon is the best. I really am grateful for any support! Thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know. xx :)

  8. Hello Victoria!
    Because if you I have found wonderful books and magazines. I love your style and reading your travel tips. I too will visit Lisbon one day!

    I’ll try to support you in any way possible. I wish you the best! Let’s all remember that health is wealth! Take good care.

    • hi lisa, thank you so very much. i hope you get to lisbon one day – it’s just so beautiful and a little like san francisco. thank you so much for the support! :)

  9. Hi, Victoria!
    Just bought your book and another one through your Amazon recommendations. I’ve loved your blog for a long time. I hope everything works out and new opportunities open up. I absolutely love the idea of a print shop — you take amazing photos!

  10. Thank you for being so candid and vulnerable, it’s not easy to do. As a Francophile who lives in LA, I’ve admired your work and followed you for quite a while. I’ve watched with interest as you documented your move to Laguna, and love how you’ve created an authentic home there.
    I’ve even fantasized about a similar move. If you ever want to do a brief home, swap, I’m game! I’d love to purchase some prints; you have impeccable taste, and I’m happy to scour your finds! Cheers, and best to you! xo

    • Hi Robin, I am not fond of asking for help, or support, so I really appreciate your kind reply. And thanks for following my journey – I never seem to stay put, but I think I may live here a long, long time – it’s just so peaceful, which is pretty important right now. I hope you find a special place for yourself, too. I highly recommend it! :)


  11. Hi Victoria,
    I rarely post responses but I was so moved by your post, I wanted to reach out. Have you considered setting up a patreon? I’m not sure how much % amazon provides for affiliate marketing and if your readers want to support you it might be a great way for them to make sure you get the money directly! It won’t feel like charity at all — you’ve earned it and continue to earn money monthly from your patrons who love what you’re doing!

    • H Avital,

      I did look into Patreon, but I still feel a bit uncomfortable about it. I like the idea of it, it’s just that it puts a certain added pressure on me and I’ve never been too good with that. I guess I prefer my own self-induced pressure to create good content, but if I’m charging for it, it feels much more like a real job, which makes me rebel a little bit! ;) I so appreciate the idea though, and your kind support! :)

  12. Hi Victoria, I want to thank you for sharing your talent with us. I truly look forward to reading your posts every single day. Your content is always fresh, inspiring, genuine and just lovely. I too, didn’t know you had an Amazon shop. I can’t wait to check that out and purchase a few things! I also love Super Marche and check that out on the regular, too. I agree with other readers that you should open a print shop. You have a great eye, and your photography is beautiful. I’d definitely purchase! These are really trying times, and I pray that you come out on the other side stronger than ever. Sending love and support.

    • Thank you, Marie! I should share these shopping avenues more often, but seems a little uncomfortable for me sometimes. :) And I am working on the print shop and should have some progress to report soon. Thank you so much for the continued support!! :)

  13. Victoria – I make a point of looking at your content every day. In these very trying times, EVERYONE is trying to figure out how to stay afloat. I was unaware of all the items you have available and although I do not look at SFGirl to shop, why not? Keep up the inspirational content and don’t feel badly about the ask. You have been in it for the long haul and have generously shared amazing images with us for 14 years! (Yikes) Best Wishes!!

    • Thanks so much, Kristie! For some reason I’ve never been very comfortable with a lot of self-promotion, or ‘selling’ so I don’t mention those shopping chanels too often, but I do post things that I love, so I hope you find some fun things! Thank you so much for the support all these years!! xx

  14. Victoria, I’ve been reading your blog for well over a decade, but this is the first time I’ve commented. I love really your posts and look forward to reading them every day. I so enjoy your Insta, as well. I would love to purchase some of your prints and look forward to your shop!

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for being a long-time reader. I’m so grateful for the support! i should have the print shop up and running shortly. :)


  15. Hi Victoria, I love your work and sorry to hear the impact of COVID has been so dramatic on your work. I’m a fellow blogger over in Australia and while we’ve had a period of lockdown, things in my home are slowly returning to normal and I’ve been able to continue doing what I do… Hoping you guys come out on the other end of this sooner rather than later. Stay safe x

    • Hi Gina,

      Thank you so much. It’s unprecedented times for all of us, I know. But the U.S. just seems to be going around in circles with this thing, and not really getting back to normal, yet. Fingers crossed we get a vaccine soon! Thanks again! x

  16. Hi Victoria

    Fourteen years! I have been with you for thirteen of those so thank you for your excellent work. sfgirlbybay is one of the few blogs I have read and continue to read and enjoy that has managed to maintain the standard you set out with and kept with the spirit of sharing a passion more than just writing and posting to make money, and that is a good part of what keeps me returning. Please consider a donation button for those who lack the space or need to buy stuff. I hope to still be enjoying sfgirlbybay in another fourteen years.

    • Hi Billy! I know – it’s a long time, huh?? I sometimes can’t believe it. I’ve thought about a donate button, but I’m holding off for now. I’ve seen a nice uptick in sales since I’ve mentioned my amazon shop, and it is so appreciated even if the percentage is small. Thanks so much for your loyal support! xx

  17. Hi, Victoria. First, I just want to say thank you; I’ve read your blog for years, and I just appreciate everything you curate so much. You bring so much beauty to this world, and what could possibly be a higher calling? I am sorry that you are struggling right now; I am too, but I always try to support small businesses when I can. I have bought a few things off of your Amazon list, and will return to buy more as extra funds allow. I look forward to seeing your prints! I really appreciate all that you do.

    • Thank you so much, Beth! I am so grateful for your readership and support. And thank you for your very kind words. I love doing the blog, so I’m happy when it’s appreciated. Thanks for checking out my Amazon shop and I’m excited to get the print shop up and running! Cheers! x

  18. Sending love and support from the East Coast–I love the daily dose of dreaminess you bring to my feed and I’m so sorry things are so tough at this crazy and unpredictable time! I have your beautiful book already, and while I drool over Super Marche regularly I don’t often splurge, but it’s great to know of your Amazon shop, and also adding my support here for a print shop for your beautiful photography! Hang in there… xo

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