out of commission.
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i know this sounds so silly, but as you may have seen on instagram, i was stung on my thumb by a bee in my garden, and my hand swelled into a balloon! i’ve never had this kind of reaction to a bee sting before and ended up at urgent care to get a shot, some meds and some relief from the pain! so suffice it to say, it was my right hand and i can’t do much until the swelling goes down. i’m dictating this to my phone as we speak to let you know i’ll be off for a few days until i can properly and without pain use the keyboard again. i love bees, but not this particular bee! i’m sure i’ll see you back here on monday when i can type again. have a great weekend!

xo, victoria

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  1. Oh, that almost sounds funny and painful in equal measure. I hope it will be over soon. Sorry to read this, your Friday finds are always my favorite.

  2. That must hurt a lot, hope you’re finding some relief from the discomfort. I find an epsom salt soak very soothing for soreness.

  3. Crap. Sounds like a full blown allergic reaction. Even thought it’s never happened in your life before this, it could be an adult onset allergy worth inquiring about getting an Epi Pen to have on hand for the future. Be well soon, Victoria!

  4. Oh! So sorry. That sounds painful and scary. As a mom of two kids who both carry Epipens, I hope the doctor gave you a prescription—and that you carry it and Benadryl from here on out. FWIW the manufacturer usually has coupons that bring the cost way down, sometimes to a $0 copay.

  5. Sorry to hear that, Victoria. Glad the reaction was not worse, in terms of throat closing up, etc. We love your content, but can be patient until you are feeling better. Take care.

  6. Get well soon! I love your work, your e-mails. I wish you are happy again very soon!
    You will do it,
    Because you’re a woman!

    Big hug!

  7. Ouch, that can’t be fun ! Very sad to hear about you’re bee sting Victoria … Silly little bee !!!
    Please take care of yourself and get on the road to recovery real soon ! I enjoy your blog sight very much, but do hope you will give yourself some time to get back to feeling better once again. Jayne

  8. From a nursing standpoint, I agree with Yvonne and Carla! Sounds like an allergic reaction. Might need to consider an epi pen. And, keep some Benadryl close! Get better!

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