color story: deep blue & goldenrod.
by victoria comment


color story: blue & yellow. / sfgirlbybay

there’s something about the pairing of blue and yellow that just says ‘holiday’ to me. maybe because it reminds of the south of france, and striped umbrellas on the cote d’azur but the color pairing is nothing less than cheerful. sure, it can lend itself to a moodier feel, because let’s face it, both blue and yellow come in many different shades — from perky butter yellow and cobalt blue that simply scream ‘happy’, to rich gold tones combined with deep navy blue that lean towards the dramatic end of the color spectrum. but together they’re a super-powerful color combination! this week’s color story is all about blue & yellow.

gold velvet throw pillows on white bed. / sfgirlbybay

studio with rustic pops of yellow and blue. / sfgirlbybay

color story: blue & yellow. / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: dwr Grasshopper Floor Lamp; schoolhouse electric Ion Lamp Workshop Edition; Quinta da Corte via sight unseen; Round Pintuck Pillow from urban outfiiters; yellow stove via claire delmar ; Yellow Form Wall Art from anthropologie; Tasseled Manny Throw Blanket from anthropologie; hay textiles; yellow crochet bedspread via fiona & twig; Cire Trudon Tadine Scented Candle; yellow radiator via the marion house blog; platters via fine little day; little painting via Journal Bedroom Briella; Filt French Market Tote Bag from anthropologie.

blue and yellow home decor. / sfgirlbybay

colorful low padded stools. / sfgirlbybay

color story: blue & yellow. / sfgirlbybay

wood platform daybed with colorful patterned pillows. / sfgirlbybay

color story: blue & yellow. / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: blue door via modern viga; anthropologie Handwoven Kenitra Rug; Vine Silhouette Wallpaper from anthropolgie; Lemieux et Cie Handwoven Dalao Rug; Kesslyr Dean Line-Dash Block Print Pillow; Paper & Tea Hunky Dory Breakfast Tea; the morning song book via geisterseher; Set of 4 Ilana Matte Mugs from anthropologie; nice, france via the style division; ochre yellow sofa via @jaminidesign; 19-69 Capri Scented Candle; yellow & blue windows via Kotomi_; anthropologie Matte Latte Bowls, Set of 4; holiday magazine tee shirt.

color story: blue & yellow. / sfgirlbybay

blue and yellow decor inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

color story: blue & yellow. / sfgirlbybay

color story: blue & yellow. / sfgirlbybay

yellow and blue ceramics and tile. / sfgirlbybay

• all other photography credits in order of appearance: Jonas Ingerstedt photography; design*sponge; kraut kopf; mad about interior; andy stools from schoolhouse electric; Jonas Ingerstedt photography; @jaminidesign daybed mattresses and throw pillows; Patricia Treib by Joe Fyfe; yellow chaise from; @egimedesfleurs; @carlaypage; please do tell; desire to inspire.

8 responses to “color story: deep blue & goldenrod.”

  1. Glad you’re better.
    I want to give a shout out for the crochet bags, I was always sceptical of them, now I have one I love them.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. Please reconsider working with Anthropology. It has been proven by many people previously employed by them,, that they teach sales associates to carefully follow African American shoppers in their stores.This is quite unacceptable……don’t you think?

  3. Victoria – Fabulous post. There must be something in the air about this color combo. i just put together a series of images for a client that I called “deep blue and tobacco’! Absolutely love. Glad you are on the mend. Thanks for more inspiration.

  4. Ummm, I debated saying anything but I worked for Anthropologie for several years (I’m an Anthropologist -Lol) and the Santa Barbara store NEVER would have approved of that sort of profiling. I know retail can make all sorts of horrible assumptions about shoppers – from age, sex/gender, socio-economics, ethnicity, but I did not experience bias against Black shoppers during my time with them.

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