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friday finds / sfgirlbybay

greetings one and all. i don’t know how y’all are faring, but i’ve been feeling pretty anxious of late. i mean one can only stay self-quarantined for just so long before starting to go a little bonkers. with the exception of seeing my landlords when they’re in town, my best friend bri twice and my family once, i’ve not had any other interactions other than with strangers (and i keep that to a real minimum), nor have i eaten in a restaurant since late-February and i am feeling the effects. i dropped off my ballot today (i voted for biden/harris if you’re curious) and i’m really hoping the election results clear up some of these feelings and that a vaccine is proven safe and effective soon. in the meantime, i give you my friday finds, and wish for you a safe and peaceful weekend. i know it’s not easy for any of us, and those of you with families have a whole other set of issues to manage including homeschooling while you might have jobs of your own to do, so please hang in there – you are all on my mind during these stressful times!

xo, victoria

  1. this living room is just so on point and a little whimsical which we could all use a bit of right now! i love these loungey, and very mod egg chairs — part of a peek at futuristic designs from the Vogue archives.
  2. stylist Thomas Lingsell has some quirky taste and i for one, adore it. i also love this idea of a group of clustered mix & match tables instead of just one large coffee table.
  3. domino has a wonderful feature up on their site about designer Delia Brennen and how she brilliantly modernized her 1880s Brooklyn brownstone. this little nook is one of my favorite parts of the house — it just looks like the ideal spot to relax and read.
  4. this Belgium flat has always been a favorite of mine, belonging to a creative couple in the incredibly beautiful city of Antwerp. the beautiful light and the plants just put me instantly at ease and i can see feeling very welcome here.
  5. headed to Portugal one day when we can travel again? consider a stay at the White azores — modern-bohemian villas mixed with the rough-hewn rock walls of a traditional Portuguese manor house — perfectly perched over the mid-atlantic in the Azores.
  6. 1970’s retro bathrooms are not always the easiest to decorate but they’ve made this one so interesting looking with the addition of an overhead succulent garden. i love the reflection the plants give off in the huge mirror, which makes it look like double the garden!
  7. you know i’ve always had a thing for mix and match dining chairs and this is a particularly great look. we’ve got a few great vintage folding chairs in stock at super marché right now, should you love this look, too.
  8. the modern house always shares great real estate listings across the pond, and this converted stable in Norfolk, england is actually available to book for holidays. i love the look they’ve put together, comfortable, cozy, but spacious and i love the japanese paper lantern and mid-century modern stools around the dining room. for the full tour, visit the modern house.

friday finds / sfgirlbybayfriday finds / sfgirlbybayfriday finds / sfgirlbybayfriday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Hi, I’ve been following you for several years now, and don’t often comment (this might be the third time) but I just want to say that your blog has been such a salve to me during the past 4 years. A sincere thank you for all the images, words and inspiration!

    • Awww, thank you, CeCe. That really brings me some much-needed joy, when I’m not always feeling as inspired as I’d like to be for you. Thanks so so much! x

  2. I always appreciate your candor, Victoria. I was going stir crazy living solo during the summer months, then started teaching on campus at a private elementary school (with on-and-off weeks of remote learning thrown in because of poor air quality), and it is a whole other kind of crazy. Feast or famine, these days are so hard to find a “center.” Keep feeding your soul with good books, escapist movies, beautifully inspirational photos and meaningful writing…we will all be on the other side of this soon, I hope. Fingers crossed the first step to hope again will be waking up to good news the day after the election! Sending well wishes!

    • Thank you so much, and thank you for being on the front line with the kids — such an important and often under-appreciated job. I hope the same for you and sending you well wishes, too! Fingers crossed the madness ends soon!

  3. Dear Victoria, your Friday Finds are so beautifully curated and it’s always such a pleasure to see the newsletter in my inbox. Thank you for offering this little window each week, giving the chance to dream. Sending love from the UK, Emily x

  4. Hi Victoria,
    It has been a really hard year and sometimes it helps me to keep looking forward and concentrate on things I love and can do. Today’s blog was beautiful- you really are my favorite and should be thrilled with your contributions to all that follow you. I am so glad you mentioned voting! Super excited for 2021.

  5. I’m with you Victoria. We are all stressed these days and isolation from loved ones makes it worse. Thank you for your constant inspiration – it is appreciated. I follow you on Goodreads too and always check out your book recommendations. Thank you also for mentioning voting — I’m praying for a Biden/Harris win also.

  6. Thank you for continuing your blog. Home has become such a source of comfort throughout all this. Your photos are an important part of my morning browsing. Your eye for lovely interiors and for future places to go is much appreciated. I think the focus on how important the arts are to all our well being is the one silver lining to this trying time. Go Biden!

  7. I also have been self quarantined since March, with only drive by, visits from our kids, no friend visits, and mostly order and pick up groceries. Per my friends I must be the only one doing this but it just makes sense, despite the craziness of it. Your beautiful posts are one of the joys that come during this time. Thanks so much. Hopefully we will rejoice in the election results and that will carry us mentally until February, when it seems help will be on the way for covid vaccine?

  8. I too share your thoughts and pray we come out the other side soon. Praying for all who are suffering, both mentally and physically. Thanks for the joy your blog provides!

  9. Longtime reader – first-time commenter. I really appreciate you sharing who you voted for. I know a lot of bloggers/influencers sometimes are scared of sharing about politics, but since so much of our lives are affected by policies (even in design/architecture, etc), I think it’s important to break through to those audiences. I match your current mood — just exhaustion and anxiety all the time, and really hope our country comes out of this nightmare soon. Hoping you are holding up okay – your blog is very much appreciated.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for receiving my decision to share positively. I didn’t know how readers would react, but this election is too important for me not to share my vote. Thank you so much for being such a long-time, loyal reader! :)

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