marché recommends journal is live!
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marché recommends newsletter journal / sfgirlbybay

i hope you all had a lovely and relaxing thanksgiving holiday if you’re on this side of the pond! i’m just dropping in quickly to let you know my brand new marché recommends journal is live! For those of you who have been following for quite a while now, it’s been a minute since I’ve sent out a journal update but I’ve been busy brainstorming and things are about to get good. if you’re not already signed up you can do so here. here’s a sneak peek of this week’s journal.

marché recommends newsletter journal / sfgirlbybay

I’m excited to share some of my latest discoveries, recommendations, and ideas with you. Most importantly, perhaps, I promise not to inundate your inbox with too much email! This Marché Recommends journal is a bi-monthly perhaps weekly at some point soon, more compact version of the blog and will give you a peek at what I’m working on and what I hope you’ll be inspired by. As usual, it’s a dose of whimsy, some practical advice, and always the beautifully eclectic, bohemian side of things. If there is anything you’d like to see more (or less) of, please comment and do let me know!

marché recommends newsletter journal / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I like this new approach. Looking forward to lots of inspiration! (FYI the link that says marche recommends isn’t working.) Also do you ever carry the french tea towels (white or natural w/ a red stripe) in your shop?

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