be right back, 2021.
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happy 2021 / sfgirlbybay

truth be told i was planning on being back today. i had also all kinds of inspiring projects to get in the works while i’ve been off these last two weeks. but you know what they say — ‘the best-laid plans’. but i’m going to be honest with you here, those plans have gone awry. i was alone over the holidays and the luxury i thought there would be in laziness turned a little depressive shall we say and not much of anything got done. i slept a lot (too much, probably), ate horribly and generally wallowed in our collective woes over covid not going away, people not owning up and masking up. so, with that said i rarely ever do this, but i’m taking this week off to hopefully rally and get back on track. i do promise to be back on the 11th!

i saw this tweet from Restaurant Editor  of Eater, hillary dixler canavan and it really resonated with me:

my husband said something that’s really helped me think about where everyone is at emotionally, why everyone seems mad at you or like you can’t do anything right: “Everyone needs more than anyone can give right now.”

it’s so simple but so true, isn’t it? so i hope you won’t be mad at me, or frustrated at the lack of posts! i’ll be back next week and in the meantime, sign up for my journal delivered to your inbox, there’s more coming there, too.

xo, victoria

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  1. Victoria
    Thank you for your honesty and sharing. Do what you can to take care. Will be here and happy for your return when you are good and ready.

  2. Thank you Victoria for being a vulnerable human that speaks truth when we all need to hear it. Rest dear one. Rejuvenate. Thank you for your endless inspiration.

  3. Good morning Victoria. I admire you for your honesty and vulnerability.
    It’s perfectly ok to not be ok. We are all going through something in these unusual and difficult times. And I can’t imagine spending so much time alone, that has to be hard.
    Please take of yourself and know that we look forward to your beautiful posts, but only when you are ready to come back. You have given me so much pleasure through the years and I’m so grateful for you and your blog. I do believe we need beauty in our lives to balance out the harsh realities and you give us that.
    I know Laguna and I hope you are able to get out of the house and walk on the beach, or in town. It really makes all the difference to our thoughts and spirit. Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.

    xoxo Patricia

  4. Dear Victoria,
    Take care of yourself! You have the right to feel depressed in that situation. I hope you will feel better soon.
    Lots of love from the south of France.

  5. It’s vital to take time to recharge our batteries and feel ready to face the year before us. Will wait for your posts. Your blog is an elegant, soothing and warm place that I will keep coming to. Positive vibes are on their way to you.

  6. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t get where you’re coming from right now, V. But, you know me, with you however you need to be. Take good care and sending you lots of masked-up hugs. XOXO

  7. This pretty much matches my experience as I went into – and now am forced out of – my break. Although it’s certainly not nice to know that someone else is in the same place, it’s reassuring to not be alone. I guess the structure of work will force me partially out of the funk, so there’s that. I hope you find what will help you out of yours, too. Meanwhile, we’re all here rooting for you and sending you warmest wishes.

  8. Take it easy Victoria I’ve been checking on your site daily since you’ve been off but if you’ll be back on the 11th I’m cool with that …

  9. That quote is well said. And I’m so happy you shared because I feel the same. Looking forward to your return.

  10. Sending virtual hugs! We’ve all had such a brutal year and we each need to take care of ourselves in whatever way feels right. Enjoy your break and best wishes for a brighter 2021!

  11. Most important to take care of yourself. You are modeling a healthy choice for all of us! Thinking of you and hoping it’s a good week. It is a hard time, and we will get through it.

  12. I miss your beautiful posts, Victoria, but certainly understand where you’re coming from. I’m there too. But you have to take care of yourself first. Take care of yourself. We are all here rooting for you.

  13. How could we ever be mad? In taking time off, you empower others to take time for their mental health as well. Cheers to coming back excited and motivated :)

  14. You are getting a well-deserved rest…no need to apologize…we all need extra support and comfort right now. Hope you enjoy this week, read a great book and luxuriate in your delicious home and forget about all the worries and woes that we have dealt with this last year. We will be happy to enjoy your blog when you come back, recharged and refreshed.

  15. all we have left to give is forgiveness to every human including our own self. the world needs to share a collective sigh and release of ownership. perhaps victoria, you’ve kick-started the movement to LET GO of white knuckling through it because in the grand scheme, one little week is nothing given everything bigger.

  16. Hi Victoria,
    Happy New Year and best wishes for a beautiful rewarding year. I Will be waiting excitedly to see all your content in 2021. Be kind to yourself and patient! Good things happen unexpectedly. Lori

  17. Dear Victoria; we are your guests and I for one am always grateful when you post. How you feel is perfectly understandable and you should not ignore that, ever. I always find your blog to be a very personal expression. It would be unreasonable to expect the blog to go on when the person behind it is not feeling well. I would like to add that being able to visit here has been a ray of light in the past year. Stay safe and take your time. ❤️

  18. Dear Victoria, I wanted to leave a comment from my heart and couldn’t have expressed it any better than that lovely comment left by Sim. We are your guests, and honoured to be in your company whenever possible. Thank you for the inspiration you share and generate. You are indeed a ray of light. Take care.

  19. That quote hit the nail on the head!! Sorry did the looooooong comment on insta, it should have been here. Ended up being just what Sim said!! Hugs xxxx

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