positive healing thoughts for lucy.
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my dear sweet pup lucy is very sick and in the veterinary hospital tonight and struggling for her life. so i’ve not been able to get to my blog posts, obviously. she’s got something called thrombocytopenia which came on quite suddenly yesterday and now we’ve discovered through ultrasound a mass on her liver. with the thrombocytopenia, it means her platelets are too low to do surgery to remove the mass, so her illness is two-fold. we need those platelets to rise quite high from where they are now, before the vets can attempt any kind of surgery. so that’s what i’m asking today — please envision lucy’s platelets coming up and my girl coming home soon healthy and happy. i’ll write more when and i can, but until then, i’m with my precious girl.

xo, victoria

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  1. I’m so sorry. We have two dogs ourselves so I know how personal a relationship like that can be. My thoughts are with you and Lucy. I pray that she will recover from this healthy and happy.
    Kind regards.

  2. Sending lot’s of healing light and love to you and your beautiful girl Lucy with dazzling eyes. Be fierce and strong, you will both need it. Be well, Marushka(LA girl from SF)

  3. My heart goes out to you & Lucy. I’m definitely sending some love to you from Houston, TX, and wishing that Lucy will come home soon healthy & happy. Go be with your sweet girl <3

  4. just sent my visualization through… which means lucy should be doing better and better by the minute! with all the good wishes that are coming her way, she will hopefully be on the mend in no time! hang in there, victoria!

  5. Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that. Dogs are such amazing unconditional friends. It wrenches your heart out. Sending love and healing thoughts. xxx

  6. I’m praying for your sweet Lucy. I know this sadness too well, but all things are possible, and do not give up hope.

  7. I join all of those who are sending love and hope that lucy recovers and is able to be with you in the best of ways. I’m including you both in my daily meditation.

  8. Wishing you both strength! Positive healing thoughts are on their way. We LOVE our babies and can only believe she will be home with you soon, feeling happy and healthy. Stay strong.

  9. I’m thinking healing thoughts about your beautiful friend and about you too. You send so much that is smart, lovely, witty and true out into the world

  10. Sending lots of love and positive healing vibes for Lucy! And you! It’s heartbreaking when our pets become ill. Praying those platelets jump back up and that Lucy heals! Xo

  11. Dogs like Lucy can be very strong in their will to be back to a loving family like yours. Positive thoughts and prayers for your Lucy’s soon recovery and return

  12. God bless Lucy I know the feeling Victoria worrying and being concerned about the welfare of a dog we love takes one’s breath away… I will pray that your baby makes a full and speedy recover she deserves to live a long healthy life in your arms.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about your lovely dog Victoria… I can tell from following along with you over the last few years how very very dear he is to you. Dogs are family… it’s as simple as that. So sending you lots of love and get well vibes for him. x

  14. Hello, I feel your pain, I have yet to recover from the passing of my darling Maxieboy, on April 8th, 2014. I still have special visits from him in my dreams, the latest being on Valentines Day this year. Please be strong, as I get the feeling that Lucy is very empathetic with you. So you need to be strong and clear for both of you. I hope you love your vet and you can come up with a plan for Lucy. I just wanted you to know from my experience that if she needs to “shift locations” that you will still have her in your heart and dreams. Cheers to the special bond we share with our sweeties. OXO

  15. My goodness, I just stopped by and saw this. I fervently hope your Lucy is well and got her surgery! hugs

  16. I am Sending warm and healing vibes to you and Lucy. Our furry friends are so endearing to our hearts, always there for us, and you, I know, are always there for your precious little buddy.
    Warm hugs to both of you.


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