friday finds.
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vintage display cabinet with potted houseplants via coco kelley. / sfgirlbybay

i’m back this week but i’m still really struggling without my sidekick lucy, if i’m to be completely honest. the quiet without her is just so intense, but working keeps my head from going to the sad places, so it’s time for yet another friday finds. i’m embracing the new light that comes with daylight savings, and trying to spend more time foraging in the garden for floral branches (our citrus trees smell amazing!) and bringing some of the great outdoors inside, which is definitely therapeutic for me. i hope you have a great weekend outdoors, too.

xo, victoria

  1. we’ve shared this epic Antwerp-based apartment before, but there appears to be fresh pics, as featured on coco kelley recently. i didn’t see this very cool vintage display cabinet before, surrounded by greenery. oh la la!
  2. i’ve been looking for new, spring styling inspiration for around the laguna cottage, and i love this look. it’s from an australian country home that’s truly eclectic, so have a peek at the whole tour.
  3. i’m in love with this artist’s loft studio and its whitewashed brick. it’s the studio space of Brooklyn-based artist landon metz and his beautiful graphic artwork is worthy of a visit, too.
  4. i’ve found a single banana leaf can go a long way to add style, and often pick them from my own yard and pop them into a big vase. in the case — prop, food & interior stylist anne parker knows how to get the most of out of hers. so simple, beautiful — and they last almost forever!
  5. ithis is such a wonderful rustic wood table and i love this one. such a nice shape not only for communal dining but for stacking coffee table books and unique collectibles, as well. dual-purpose furniture is a favorite of mine.
  6. we’ve featured @kawa_heart_studio amazing home on the blog before, but i never tire of her lovely studio space. those fabulous windows get me every time and i love how simply it’s decorated — the appreciation for the light just makes center stage.
  7. one thing i’d really like to do when covid restrictions lift is take some pottery classes. i took one class a while back before the quarantine began and i found it so relaxing and creatively inspiring at the same time. i’d love to get good enough to create pieces like these for myself as well as gifts for friends and family.
  8. my design hero leanne ford has gone and done it yet again with this laid back dining room captured by @tessaneustadt. i love the unexpected use of a skateboard as decor, paired with vintage artwork and mirrors. the rusty red-painted wicker chairs are great, too.

collection of vintage frames and art. / sfgirlbybay

artist loft studio space / sfgirlbybay

single banana leaf in glass vase via prop stylist anne parker. / sfgirlbybay

farmhouse dining table / sfgirlbybay

artist studio / sfgirlbybay

black and white ceramics / sfgirbybay

oversized paper lantern over rustic wood dining table with red wicker chairs designed by leanne ford and photographed by @tessaneustadt. / sfgirlbybay

6 responses to “friday finds.”

  1. Oh Victoria, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’ve been following along these past few weeks, and sending love and prayers to Lucy and you. Getting used to the absence is so hard. It’s ok to be sad. Foraging sounds like a soothing activity. After the loss of my soulmate kitty, I set up some little shrines around the house and read poetry. I also looked at sites online for bereaved pet owners. Please know you bring so much joy to your readers every day, and that you’re not alone.

    • Thank you so much, Mary. I’ve been reading Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs and its poems are just so sweet to read right now. That and the garden are really getting me through the sad days. xx

  2. Hola Victoria,
    I am so sad to hear about Lucy, your beautiful girl. Our pets passing are heart breaking, I have lost my cat in the past and it was a very traumatic experience. Lucy is in a good place, not need from me to say this. Sending love and sunny energy from the canaries.
    PS; Lovely floors, my new house has the most decorative tiling floors, its and old house that I am restoring bit by bit…

  3. I am so sorry about Lucy. My heart goes out to you, especially since you are quarantining solo.

    We just lost Baxter, one of our two pooches, and we miss him sorely. We keep expecting to see him in the usual places, and we ache when we don’t see him there. MIssing Baxter makes me tear, but so do the awe and gratitude we feel for him.

    With you in grief and love.

  4. hi! victoria. esta muy bien que compartas con nosotros tu duelo por lucy. nosotros tamiben la extrañamos. el luto toma tiempo. trata de darle paso tambien a los recuerdos bonitos que compartistes con ella y recordar las travesuras que te hicieron reir. yo todavia hablo con mi perro que murio hace seis años. osea que aunque no este fisicamente te seguira acompañando por siempre. un fuerte abrazo.

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