friday finds.
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cozy makeshift tent in the woods made with sheets. / sfgirlbybay

i think we’re almost out of the woods and vaccines for all are coming this month (hurrah!), but for this week’s friday finds, i thought i’d round up a few ideas for all this homesteading we’ve doing for this past year (whew, we’ve almost made it through!). i’ve been trying to embrace the slow life, like i mentioned earlier and i’ve been adding cozy touches around the cottage to help me keep sane and connected to what i’ve found most important in life. i also gave my funky kitchen a fresh little update so more on that next week. have a wonderful easter weekend one and all, we’ll be taking a bit of a spring break next week, and hope you will be, too!

xo, victoria

  1. i’ve been thinking as the weather warms up and if we’re still stuck at home without a lot of travel time, it might be nice to set up a cozy makeshift tent and sleep outdoors in my backyard. i’m just going to grab some old sheets and quilts a couple of lanterns and sleep under the stars. why not, right?
  2. what kinds of things are you missing right now? one of my favorite weekend rituals is the small farmer’s market we have here in laguna. i really miss seeing my regular vendors and getting all that glorious, fresh produce and baked bread to go. this beautiful image by @issycroker really captured that special place for me — i can’t wait to return as soon as we’re able.
  3. since we’re not able to take our market baskets to the flea and farmer’s markets right now, how about putting them to work in another way? they look really great hanging on your walls and are clever and cute organizing tools, too. i stash tea towels and linen napkins in mine. i’ve added a very large and lovely french market tote to the super marché collection should you need a few.
  4. it’s a nice time of year to treat yourself to some fresh spring bedding. there’s nothing like crawling into bed beneath the softest sheets at the end of a long day, so i think it’s one of those expenses that are quite worthwhile, and good sheets only get better over time. if you like a sweet stripe, schoolhouse has some sweet stripes.
  5. is it possible for you to find a small nook in your home and make it your own cozy hideaway? i really love this idea for creating a very personal, private, and restful space. it feels a little bit like summer camp, or building forts as a kid and i like the playful, whimsy of it. gosh, even it’s just a small corner somewhere private to relax, meditate and read, it seems like an awfully comforting idea right now.
  6. these bedside bookcases give me a great sense of contentment. there’s nothing quite as calming for me as reading until i fall asleep in bed, so i’d love have all my favorite books right there beside me when i’m afternoon napping or falling into bed at night.
  7. this gorgeous simon watson portrait reminds me that it always helps me feel better if i tidy myself up around the house — shower, a touch of makeup and put on something that makes me feel good about myself — something super chic like this striped caftan. one of my favorites (i have at least three) is emerson fry’s cute caftan. it’s comfy but looks good, too.
  8. since we may have a bit more free time on our hands, what better time to style up our shelving around the house? i love the look of these lovely shelves at elsie green’s bay area shop. super simple yes, but so clean looking, too with all their favorite collectibles on display. i’ve just put new shelving in my kitchen so more on that soon.

melons for sale at outdoor market. / sfgirlbybay

farmer's market baskets for display / sfgirlbybay

striped bedding for spring / sfgirlbybay

creating a cozy home sleeping nook / sfgirlbybay

built-in bookcases / sfgirlbybay

favorite caftans / sfgirlbybay

built-in shelving / sfgirlbybay


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  1. maravilloso post victoria gracias. yo tambien estoy de acuerdo con tener esos rincones intimos y personales que ya de niño me inventaba. esos placers no los debemos perder. que tengas una buena semana.

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