friday finds on holiday.
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friday finds / sfgirlbybay

hello friends! as i mentioned last week i’m feeling in need of a summer break so that’s what i’m going to do starting today. i’ve not taken an extended holiday in years and since i’ve been blogging for over 15 years now, i am trying to take some time to assess what i can bring to you that’s new and worthy of your time and viewership. i feel like blogs, in general, have died off considerably, and instagram is all over the place with its algorithms (and seems to be turning into a video platform, which isn’t really my vibe) so i feel the need to give this new social media trend and my future in it some careful consideration. if there’s something you’d like to see here (or less of!) please do let me know — i’d love to hear from you. in the meantime, i’m also aching to travel but feel a little fearful, like many of us, to go anywhere with covid still not contained to a level where i feel comfortable jumping on a plane and traveling abroad. so this week’s friday finds are a little bit different! as i take leave for my break, i’m going to try to evoke italy and take us on a virtual holiday — the kind of holiday i’ve been craving on the italian riviera (these photo prints by stuart cantor will take you there pronto). so, join me, won’t you? grab an aperol spritz and some appertivos, kick back, and off we go. arrivederci for now and i’ll see you back here after the labor day break.

ciao! xo, victoria

friday finds @lucylaught / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: divers via vogue living; capri neon sign via assistant xxx; striped lounge chairs from @avidaportuguesa; pizzarie napoletana vintage photo via an american in rome; terrace reading via this is glamorous; campari graphic via italian ways; vintage sohia loren with giant salad servers via cake head loves evil; Marina Piccola Capri by @antromalexander; beach lounge chair by @joewhoward; negroni advertisement via pennarello; capri swimming pool by tezza; lemon fruit cart via jayde archives; graphics by Philippa Vernals.

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds @lucylaught / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: holiday magazine cover via @sportyandrich; Pastelería Imperfecta by Magali Polverino; Vintage Oranges Art Print from red bubble; red & white platter from behomm shop; retro italian gelato poster from zazzle; Straw bag with lemons Italy from italian summers; red beach chairs by @amonntero; swimming pool via tiny atlas quarterly; archway in puglia via petite suitcase; blue & white beach umbrella by debra dustjacket; wine bottle via amuse society.

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

friday finds / sfgirlbybay

• all other photography credits in order of appearance: bathers on deck via an american in rome; vintage amalfi coast print from pimlico prints; leaning tower of pisa via an american in rome; sicily by @lucylaught; beach umbrellas photo print by stuart cantor; boat in capri via by tezza; beach umbrellas via d dream creation; orange sodas via carrie; italian riviera by @lucylaught; grocery cart by wander pip.; clothesline @goingmattos; coastal beach by wander pip; convertible via gratitude.

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  1. I hope you keep doing what you are doing already,, yours is my favorite blog. I always look forward to seeing what theme you come up with.

  2. OOOOooHHHH I really really hope you will continue with your blog. I extremely enjoy reading every morning. Your eye for design, color, etc etc is so beautiful. I understand the Instagram hesitation. I’m actually going back to pinterest more and more (although the adds there are pretty annoying too). I hope you’ll find a way to make this all work for you. Have a great break and I hope you’ll be back soon. Ellen

  3. Hi Victoria.
    Well I would love to see your blog continue also. I’m a big fan, and I’ve learned a lot from you. I’m very grateful.
    But it does seem like recently you’ve lost a little of your spark. Whether that is Covid fatigue or lack of response from readers, I don’t know.
    Last summer you were featuring small companies from black owners. I loved that. So interesting and different. I’d like to see more like that.
    Whatever you do, do what is best for you. Have a good rest.

  4. Enjoy your break! I so love and appreciate your posts, and your honesty and vulnerability about the ups and downs. That is part of what is so appealing about your writing on top of the exquisite images. Please don’t stop blogging. Not everyone is video/gram influenced, including me, and I don’t think we should feel forced into it, which our culture in life and business is doing. I would much rather read then watch a video that requires me to turn on sound when I am tryin to relax and enjoy quiet time. Xoxo

  5. Please don’t stop blogging! Total escapism which is totally needed right now. Thanks for taking us to Italy. So beautiful. Yours is the only one I consistently click on. Enjoy your break.

  6. I agree… your posts are such a beautiful retreat from the chaos present in the world and I would be sad to see you go!

  7. I love your posts exactly as is. I follow a lot of design blogs, and I see a sad trend toward sameness in many of them. Your posts always stand out. I love how you thoughtfully assemble images to evoke a very specific mood or feeling. I feel transported by your blog in a way that I don’t by other blogs.

  8. Hi Victoria,
    I love your blog and would love to see you continue as is. I look forward to it every day. I’m in agreement with the comments of Tammy, Lynette and Mary above in every regard.
    Enjoy your vacation but please come back!

  9. I can totally understand where you’re coming from, V. I mean, I still visit blogs every day and yours is, honestly, at the top of my list. But it is a LOT of work to put these kind of glorious posts together, lord knows. You gotta do what’s best for you, though. Another book would be amazing with your sense of style and color – just sayin’. Enjoy your extended time away and I hope it’s enlightening and rejuvenating. xo B

  10. Please keep your blog. It is a wonderful place to visit and I look forward to seeing what you have to say every morning. I admit I’m in the minority–I don’t really like social media. Regardless of their “algorithms” they bombard me with so much stuff that I dislike that I really don’t enjoy spending time on them.

  11. enjoy your break! i’m with others who have commented: i thoroughly enjoy your work and look forward to taking a peek every morning. i would imagine it’s challenging to keep it up at the level you do–but your blog is beautiful and delightful. now go rest!

  12. Hi Victoria,
    I love everything you do but understand the need for reflection. Your daily posts will be missed but fortunately we have a huge archive. 
    Ah Italy… My sister and I visited in June when the country first opened up to American travelers. It was such an amazing trip it almost hurts to think of it now. The Cinque Terre was sublime and had very few tourists. The Riviera was also insanely beautiful but packed with Italians letting loose after lockdown. Rome had me in tears walking around nearly empty sites and marveling at the beauty of it all. The process of travelling again was scary at first but not at all once we were there.. The hardest part really was coming home… having wanderlust reawakened without knowing when we’ll be able to travel again. We felt safe in Italy, though I don’t know how I’d feel about going to other European countries at the moment. I hope you can find a way to go… or at least enjoy your beautiful home on the beach while you dream. My sister and I are in the process of starting our own blog (tentatively titled “Lions in the Piazza”) about travel in Italy/Southern Europe. You’re a huge inspiration to us! Please keep blogging…

  13. I hope that you have a restorative break! I definitely understand reassessing, but I adore your blog — I got rid of instagram last year and am so grateful that you have continued to post here. It’s been a source of beauty, calm, and inspiration (this gorgeous post included). So appreciated!

  14. Completely understandable but, I do hope you continue to blog, and share on Instagram. I feel there’s room for all kinds of accounts. You posts are beautiful, colorful and puts the mind into dreaming and imagination. Enjoy your break Victoria! ❤️

  15. You have exquisite taste! Glad you’re taking a summer break. I had one in July and it reminded me how important it is to set down the phone/computer and eat the ice cream, jump in the water and remember how big and fun life can be. XO

  16. Your love of color makes you stand out. I love your blog! You do have to evolve to stay relevant and fresh, but video isn’t my jam either. When I read your blog, I feel like the little girl flipping through my mom’s fashion and home magazines.

  17. Please enjoy your recharge time! I do hope you’ll continue your design blog. In this age of Instagram, I really see your blog as a special authentic, and thoughtfully curated haven to find inspiration in other lands (near or far) and in books and colors. It’s a space that helps me pause and dream and consider possibilities, which we need even more now with advised and unspoken travel constraints set on us by the pandemic. Too much of the fast social media is mindless scrolling and consumption. I sometimes find myself doing that but will purposely stop on your blog to enjoy the siren song of your prose. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you will bring us along with you!

  18. Oh Vicky!!! It’s a voice from the past your friend Mary Monaco from all those years back. Love everything you do!! Always brings a smile to my face
    If you need a traveling partner, I’m your person..if I recall we had some good times together

  19. I love your blogs exactly as they are as well,and I appreciate the care,time and effort you put into them.At this strange and unsettling time in our lives globally,it is a pleasure to look at something so visually pleasing every day,and to read your thoughtful and honest comments.Enjoy your break,and know that you are appreciated and loved by so many

  20. I love your blog space, it’s my favourite to follow and I look out for it everyday. Your personal style is so distinct and classy and I hope you have the passion to share for a long time yet. It is so appreciated. Enjoy your break.

  21. i echo the comments and sentiments already shared. your blog is a joy each time we “visit” especially in at the ever-more-becoming sea of sameness culled by algorithms. I especially love “wear this there” as your ability to capture the vibe of a place and create fashion that fits with is always such fun! the links you provide have taken me down many roads i would have otherwise missed. enjoy your respite!

  22. Who wouldn’t need a recharge after keeping up the blogging pace for so many years and after the stress of the past couple in particular? Like the others who have commented, I love getting away with you each morning and reading about places I may never get to in person but so enjoy vicariously. Your eye is exquisite, your writing voice warm and natural and effortless, your attitude so positive & your determination and consistency inspiring. Savor your time off, but I echo everyone else in saying: please do come back! All best to you Victoria.

  23. Hi Victoria,
    I have to say I love everything about your blog. I have never been a blog person and don’t believe in the Insta hype. I particularly love your travel pieces. Especially at a time when the world is so crazy, I can transport myself somewhere so dreamy, even for a moment.
    I’d love for you to stick around, but I get it if you’re burnt out! Enjoy your rest and hopefully we see more from you!

  24. While scacing my daily email…..when I see a new post from you Victoria…I click on yours FIRST!! You have done a fantastic job of creating interesting content for your readers….thank you! Always LOVED photos and reading about your Lucy…such a doll she was! Now of course….we are delighted to see and read all about your Frances! Your photos are beautiful…. I have been interested in TUMBLR for a long time now…lots of inspiration for me there….actually that is my primary source, as opposed to Instagram or Pinterest….(both of which are fine…but I prefer TUMBLR)

  25. Your blog is the only one that I still read and I feel like that is because you never succumbed to constant paid posts or adds that are impossible to click through and your content is reliably fresh. You’re a unicorn! I’m an interior designer and follow a ton of design accounts on Instagram, but what you offer in your stories is always so different and an incredible source of inspiration! I hope your holiday is everything that you need right now–you deserve it. It’s been a tough couple of years and I am so grateful for the beauty that you have brought to the world!

  26. I agree with so many of the commenters above so don’t have much to add to what they’ve already conveyed so eloquently, but I, too, really enjoy your blog for all the reasons stated above. Hope you continue as you have. I much prefer to read than see a video as well, so don’t feel bad about not wanting to go that route. Hope you enjoy your time of refreshment and reassessment.

  27. love everything about your blog. big fan here. i hope you get what you need from your summer break. best best wishes to you!

  28. Yes. Take that break and refresh. Cause your blog is imaginative ,dream driven and completely original. It’s inspirational in an insta world of sameness. Hope you will find the creative energy necessary to continue this wonderful project.

  29. I enjoy your blog very very much and all its content .I visit the blog daily and have been for several years. I enjoy reading a person”s thoughts as well as looking at the pictures they post. So even though I do occasionally visit Instagram it’s not as enjoyable as reading a great blog as yours. Pity that blogs aren’t as popular as they once were but i still love reading the thoughts of bloggers like yourself it’s nothing like beautiful pictures and interesting perspectives. Also even though I like video content on Instagram I find that it’s a little overwhelming and time consuming for me to sit for long periods watching people on videos—- But it would be a great idea for you to introduce live video either on your blog or your Instagram account, It would be rewarding watching you discuss or teach us something about yourself in live video. I think that would enhance your blog very much I would like to see you moving and talking on video. It would be a pleasure knowing more about you in real time.

    Please continue your blog I forgot to mention I often start my day reading your blog…

  30. Oh and I want to clarify I wouldn’t want you to post daily videos but just every once and awhile maybe on a special day I would enjoy learning more about you and your design…

    Also I want you to know that just because you may not get daily comments from us maybe like you once did it’s not because we aren’t watching you we are just enjoying you in silence you are greatly appreciated and I would feel your lost if you stopped blogging.

  31. I love your blog just the way it is :)
    I appreciate the curated posts you put together, which is why I read blogs still. I’ve been a regular reader since you were in SF but I will not follow you to Instagram, Pinterest or similar more concise formats. I want you go where you feel you can recognize your best work but I hope you stay here.

  32. Your blog is magnificent! It feels like a sophisticated magazine amongst the daily drivel presented to us on various social media platforms. I am a mother and special education teacher so I don’t get a lot of interrupted computer time. I actually “save” your blog for Saturday mornings when I can blissfully enjoy a cup of tea while my children are occupied with their weekend screen time. It is an absolute pleasure being immersed in vibrant color while transported to another country.

    I have been a long-standing reader of your blog for over a decade. Honestly, it’s one of the few blogs I continue to read due to the incredible content and my lack of free time. It’s the bee’s knees, the cream of the crop-no need to change a thing. Though so many readers would be sad to see you not return if you chose that path, YOU are most important! Do what feels best for you in all ways. Your work is incredible. You deserve to be validated and fueled in the most positive way. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved respite and find it restorative. May you find clarity in your path and may it be fruitful for you. You and your content are absolutely amazing. I applaud you for taking the time to ponder with careful consideration which path is right for you.

    p.s. I agree with so many other commentators that we are more quiet observers. Blogs make it less easy to comment or give a quick thumbs-up, love, or an emoji, though your fans are here quietly and vehemently cheering you on.

  33. This post is exactly what I needed this weekend. Thank you!

    Your blog is one of the most beautifully curated and authentic places on the internet.. I hope these posts remind you how much your work is loved and appreciated. There is a whole community that will support you and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

  34. SF girl – I love love love the Wear This There posts so much. They inspire me and I look at them thru your archives as well. You gotta do what’s best for you no matter what we all want. But you should know you and your blog are LOVED.

  35. I realized how much I missed reading blog posts and have started to with regularity again and I’m really enjoying it. I loved IG but have liked it less and less lately. The slower pace of blog reading feels really good. Rediscovering your blog has been a highlight.

    I understand wanting to consider your place in this world but I hope you stick around. I have a feeling more and more people will find their way back to “slow social”.

  36. Yes yes yes to a break. Sounds like you’ve been wanting/needing a lovely respite or time at the beach. We all need breaks! I love your blog, exactly as it is. Your eye for creating beautiful content brings me back, week after week. I still read blogs regularly, which I enjoy much more than the instant tidbits of instagram. Whatever you decide, I’ve loved what you do, and thank for it all!

  37. I love this space. This is one of the few blogs I look forward to and read every post. You give an experience I don’t see or feel anywhere else. What you share, how you share it, your thoughtful and insightful takes on just about everything you discuss; makes me feel like I’ve just talked with a friend, a really talented, cool and interesting friend.
    I hope your time away is spectacular.

  38. Truly enjoy your blog and is the only one I visit regularly! You bring comfort and wonder especially during these difficult times. I wish you well in all your endeavors!

  39. First of all,
    Enjoy you holiday!! Your question prompted two thoughts. First: I love this blog as it is and I do not think you need to change anything. Second, if you however feel that it is time to renew it (and I agree it is important to reflect the role of our various activities in the current contexts), perhaps one idea might be to post a bit more seldom with slightly longer texts. It would be interesting to read more about your thoughts, interpretations and expertise about those lovely images that you share. All the best!

  40. I hope you continue with this platform and doing the things you do. Love your blog and Instagram the way it is. You are one of my top favorites!

  41. Hi Victoria. I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been following your blog for years. I know, shame on me :))! I started a blog a couple of years ago + YOU were one of my biggest inspirations, I really do love EVERYTHING you do, your beautiful eye + point of view. I also struggle with the social media part, although I’m trying to do videos + reels (not my fave though). Creating content for IG + Pinterest is a job in itself. The creative energy necessary to participate and build on those platforms I’d much rather devote to building my blog content. As a newer blogger, social media seems like the only way to get eyes on content and find an audience. It’s all frustrating. I do hope you’ll continue with sf girl by bay. I also hope you’re having a restful break + will return with better clarity for the best path forward for you, your talents and creativity. Please know I have great appreciation + admiration for you + for what you do! xoxo

  42. Dear Victoria, I have just discovered your blog and am in love. I am a SoCal girl (66 years young) and ardent fan of beautiful design in all its facets – you are so talented in capturing and sharing the nuances of all of it as well as sharing it with us and uplifting those entrepreneurs within your orbit. I commend you, we need you especially during these obscure covid times where emotional survival needs our humanity/beauty/global hope and vision – be it in design, travel, or just sitting and enjoying ones current space with tea. THANk you for providing this break and window of hope for all of us. May your holiday find you the reflection and grounding you hope for ~ what ever you decide will be right, your gifts and talent are very much evident and appreciated. Can relate to the covid life changing experience as we needed to leave our apt and residency in Tuscany to return to Santa Barbara home and family…yet yearning to return to our Italian/European life when possible. Forza – tutto andra bene. Lisa xoxo

  43. Please keep doing what you’re doing! This is pretty much the only blog I read anymore and I absolutely adore your style and taste. It’s like you somehow know exactly what I love. LOL. In fact, I often think I should hire you to help me source items for my house and/or help me with our remodel! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. x

  44. I’ve been following your blog for the last five years and your posts have helped me figure out my own interior design style, find new products and stores that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, and inspire me. While I do also follow YouTube creators and the like, nothing is quite like your blog. For example, I love when you showcase certain design ideas/items like the paper moon post and give a ton of inspiration and sources. You can’t replicate that on YouTube and I find myself returning to old posts time and time again as guides.

    Just wanted you to know I love your blog!

  45. Thank you for the incredible blog, and enjoy your break! I’m 34 and grew up during the blog-era, so I’m not the most updated audience, but I personally love blogs with authentic voices like your own. Whenever bloggers post about needing to move along with the times I feel old :) I don’t have Instagram–it feels like one big advertisement (but I respect that bloggers need to make money and survive.) Whatever choice you make is the right one. Thank you for this incredible space–it cheers me up and inspires my design.

  46. I have loved your blog for many years, and while I don’t have much time to read blogs since I started my own business, I still return to you when I need inspiration and an authentic voice. Instagram is so off the rails at this point, there’s a lot of hype but little help. And it seems to be channeling me to narrower bands of content every day. I hope you can continue, I value what you add to the world and to my own creativity.

  47. I love your blog and your eye for style. I have totally turned off Instagram but do love to browse through favorite blogs for a little escape, so appreciate you are still posting. Your Wear this There posts are my FAVORITE. I just appreciate you creating a visually pleasing, happy little corner of the internet. xo

  48. I was away myself, so commenting late, but want to add to the chorus that your blog is so appreciated and inspiration-filled just as it is!! It is my favorite blog and start to my day as well. I love everything you do–from design trends and mood boards to “wear this there” (LOVE) to all the amazing recent “shop small” features… thank you for all of the beauty and honesty you bring to us, and I hope you return from your well-deserved break feeling invigorated by all of our admiration and support! x

  49. Enjoy your break. So many of us need one right now.
    I agree with you regarding Instagram. I never left blogs, I prefer them, and while I never left yours, I am going back to more and more of them. I like reading and being able to peruse photos in my own time, and to have ads that are tastefully done that don’t pop up and are intrusive.
    A blog is a whole experience, and I hope you continue yours.

  50. I hope you’re doing some serious soul searching and enjoying some fabulous down time. Missing you out here on the Web.

  51. I really do love your blog so much. As others have said, yours is my favourite blog and stands out from all others. I do follow people on instagram but I’m not interested in watching videos so not sure how much longer I’ll bother with that. Every time I need to decorate a new room or even just want a bit of inspiration, I take a look at your pinterest boards to see whether you have anything relevant as a starting point for inspiration. I hope you don’t think that lack of ‘engagement’ is indicative of a lack of interest. I don’t tend to type comments on blogs because I just enjoy reading and thinking about them. It’s like taking a peek inside somebody else’s mind.

  52. Thanks for all the joy and yummy visuals you gather and share! You definitely deserve a break. But please come back. I keep saving this last post as ‘unread’ so I can take a mini-vacation every time I forget that it’s not new.
    I appreciate your words about Instagram and agree 100%. But also, with that shift, I feel like blogs will make a comeback in the near future. People will return to building something deeper and more individual instead of this spray of images to scroll thru without thought. I feel it in my bones. I mean, I’m probably wrong – the feeling is likely based on hope and an over-abundance of taco consumption. But still ..
    All the best to you as you ruminate!

  53. Hi Victoria!
    Yours is my favorite blog!!! I keep checking back in to see if you are here. I liken it to me looking thru my moms magazines as a kid. It brings me great comfort and inspiration! We all need beauty and whatever happens next I am certain you will bring beauty to it!!!!
    Thank you so much for what you share!

  54. Pleeeeeeease don’t go! Your blog is it as far as my blog consumption goes these days…it is a little slice of perfection in an ever expanding sea of meh!

  55. I found your blog , YEARS AGO. Your blog has been a go to in my life. No matter what’s going on. I know I can sit back for a bit and escape. I love the tours of peoples homes, your home. Shops. Anything you do, really. In an insta world. Where everyone’s home looks the same. Every marriage is happy..and no baby has poopy diapers…you save us. You show us being your own person is a gift. You celebrate it. Please, don’t stop celebrating.

  56. Hello!
    I love your blog and it’s the only one I’m reading! Hope you’ll be still here after your holidays! I’m an interior designer so I come here to inspire myself . I admire your colour and form – sensitivity! Your ‘wear this there’ is so inspiring me when dont have ideas how t style my boring clothes!:)

    Lots of love!

  57. Your blog is wonderful, the only one I read on a regular basis. You’re my guide star for how to dress (that is, if I didn’t have cats and ever left the house). I hope you keep posting!

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