i have returned!
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i'm back on the blog / sfgirlbybay

hello friends, i’ve missed you! and i want to thank you sincerely for all your very heartfelt comments and suggestions! so many of you provided just the encouragement i needed to feel valued and though i needed the downtime, i think what i realized (and you helped me to realize) most of all is that i really get a sense of purpose in writing and publishing this blog. sometimes you think you might be done, or at least in need of a serious break, but perhaps it’s exactly that break that informs you that you actually really love what you do for a living. although my sponsorships have dwindled since covid, and i don’t make the income i used to, it’s still what i love doing — seeking out inspiration and sharing it with you. what i did glean from my time away is that in order to remain authentic in what i’m sharing with you, i think it’s important it doesn’t feel forced and i’m one of those people with a strong work ethic (thanks mom & dad) so if i wasn’t posting initially two posts per day and then at least one post per day, then i wasn’t doing my job properly. but after some contemplation, i think it’s actually more valuable to you as my readers if i post only when truly inspired to share, and not force myself to create content that i’m not sure resonates as best it can with you. but i’m sure i’ll post at minimum three times a week, and sometimes more when the inspiration strikes me!

i'm back on the blog / sfgirlbybay

one of the readers said the blog was kind of a return to ‘slow social’ (thanks, michele!) and i really like the idea of that and it perfectly resonated with me. because as i’ve said, i’m one of the older bloggers out there, and honestly i have zero interest in inundating you with selfie videos or videos really of any kind — it’s simply just not my vibe. i still like instagram but it’s been kind of off-putting for me personally when i simply want to scroll through inspiring still images and instead music or voices or videos pop up uninvited and sort of ruin my zen. it might be nice if we had the option to view those (like in stories) but not in the feed. but as many of you pointed out, instagram is a wild beast where our own opinions and choices seem to hardly matter. i also always and forever love pinterest and pin there consistently, so if you like my content here on the blog, please do follow me there as it’s still one of my most satisfying creative outlets! oh, and you might like to join my newsletter which i try and publish twice a month.

i'm back on the blog / sfgirlbybay

with all that said, as you kindly requested i will be continuing both instagram and the blog. i will be posting regularly each week, but perhaps not every day — or at least i can’t promise a post every single day. what i’ve gathered from so many of your very kind comments is that you really enjoy my wear this there series and you love friday finds too, so i will continue with those posts for sure. i also heard that you like the shop small posts and that’s very rewarding to hear since we’re really helping small businesses and entrepreneurs when we support them. i’ve always loved sharing travel destinations with you, too, and sadly since i’ve gone literally nowhere in a year and a half those posts have been lacking, but i’m thinking on how i might share more of those going forward (and let’s all hope travel is safe again, soon!). and, i’ll continue my interior design-themed curations as well since that is really what i think we’re all here for! as always any other suggestions are welcome! and again, i truly thank you all for each and every very kind and reassuring comment. it does not go unnoticed and i took your suggestions and appreciation sincerely to heart. it’s good to be back!

xo, victoria

• photography credits in order of appearance: Charm, June 1956 via kristine on flickr; it’s okay by @realfunwow; car radio via @chanelofficial; swimmers via the shiny squirrel; orange bougainvillea via society6 by 83oranges; slow the world down via quotesgram; all other photos by sfgirlbybay via instagram.

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  1. Take care of you. But also, know that you are one of only two blogs that I read consistently. You have such a great eye for visuals and as an artist, I find your posts are always inspiring!

  2. This post brought a smile! I didn’t realize how much I missed your posts until my feed went empty. And thanks for the reminder that taking a break, does a world of wonders :)

  3. I missed you, and am glad you’ve returned – in whatever form and frequency works for you! (How strange that you’re such a big piece of a stranger’s day :-)

  4. Yeah!!! I have been checking your blog and was hoping to see a new post! So this morning was a very pleasant surprise. I love all your posts and would like to add that I would love to see more parts of your house. I love your style and what you do with a space. Welcome back !!

  5. I’m glad you are finding a way to still blog that fits in with where you currently are in life.
    This is where I come to escape for a few minutes and have done so for umpteen years.
    Thank you for taking me along.

  6. YAY!! you’re back! so glad you’ll still share your extraordinary eye with us. looking forward to whatever this slow social will look like in the days ahead.

  7. I rejoiced to find you back in my feed today, and I admire and respect you all the more for prioritizing your health and well-being as well as the authenticity of only posting when you feel so inspired. We need more examples of these kinds of healthy mindsets and boundaries in this oversharing, more is more environment!!!

  8. Glad you had as beautiful pause…it made me appreciate you even more..I tend to save your images you many Pinterest …to give me the second look & inspiration…adore your creative gift..peace

  9. Welcome back, Victoria! This is such good news. The internet is a lonely place without you. I’m so happy you’ll be posting again- in whatever capacity you choose. It’s nice to see all the love here in the comments. You deserve to be appreciated. Thanks for returning to us!

  10. So happy you are back and we are fortunate that your soul inclination aligns with the blog continuing. I agree with the “slow social” desire of your other readers. I really love the thoughtfulness and calmness in your presentation and curation. We are behind you all of the way, and thank you for the years of enriching blogposts you’ve given us. I’m excited for the next phase. All the best!

  11. So happy you are back, and in a way that feels good to you. I missed reading and so appreciate the dose of beauty and inspiration you bring!

  12. Yay! I’ve been here since (probably) the beginning, and would hate to see you stop blogging (but would understand if you wanted to). I like Slow Social. Isn’t it weird that blogs might be retro nostalgia for the youth? It’s all good.

  13. I’m late to this but I just want to reiterate what I’m sure so many others told you but I so appreciate the sophistication and beauty and calm that your posts and content bring to my social media feed. I admit that I’m on Instagram more than Pinterest (I tend to get less junk content on IG), but you’ve reminded me that there are wonderful things I’m missing over there.
    I’m glad you took some time for yourself and am looking forward to whatever you have in store for us in the future!! Thank you!

  14. So happy to “see” you today! I’ve missed you. Your Friday finds are me absolute favorite. I love that you are sticking to what feeds you and what you do best. I refuse to watch videos, so I’m very happy your not switching to that!

  15. I’m a longtime reader and am so delighted you will still be posting. Reading your blog is like a delightful vacation, or dinner with a friend. I love the photos, your writing, everything. So glad you’ll be keeping it up. xo.

  16. I’m glad you’ll still be blogging, Victoria, Your blog is the only one I still read. You keep it real and I’m thankful you don’t have pop-up ads.

  17. Oh so glad to hear you’re continuing ‘wear this there’ I love reading your blog….it’s like a visit at the (virtual) water cooler. ⛲️

  18. Welcome back! your blog is my home screen on my work computer and I love having some beautiful images pop up to greet me. Frequency doesn’t matter as much as content, I reckon!
    I agree with your thoughts on Instagram. the videos aren’t my favorite.

  19. Yay! I checked back every day, out of habit, and just in case. Blogs have all but dried up, yours has long been my absolute favorite, the one I SAVOR every second of. To me, you are a still point in a turning world, the sophistication and eye I can trust above anything else. I hope there is something we can do to repay the inspiration—and yes, comfort—you’ve brought to us. I’m here for anything you’d like to share.

  20. Hi Victoria, first time commenter but avid blog reader and pinterest follower. I have an important but difficult job and your blog is just the pick me up I need at the end of the day. I love the beautiful images you post and the amazing interiors that provide just the needed inspiration that I need to make my home a sanctuary. I’m so glad you’re back!

  21. So glad to see you back! Your blog is a favourite of mine, your sense of colour is amazing. I feel the same about IG, not keen on the jarring music & videos. I just want to take however much or little time as I want to look at the photos that catch my eye.

  22. I’ve been trying to figure out what social media feels good, how much I want to use it and much of my frustration is linked to the speed of consumption and how it often feels mindless. But blog reading feels mindful, So it’s SO nice to see you back in my feed! (And I’m not going to lie, your shout-out made my day.)

  23. YAY! Welcome back. For 8+ years, you’ve been on my list of top 3 blogs I check on the daily and you’ve been missed!!! I love your way of combining colors and themes to make unique windows into our world. And I love that you are video free! Just eye candy and dreamy vacation & restaurant locales to pin for me!

  24. I’m so thrilled you’ve returned, Victoria! I came here nearly every day to see if you’d started posting again. I re-read every Wear This There and countless old posts as well. I come to your blog to relax on the weekends and evenings, and I too am a woman of a certain age and I’ve been finding respite in Pinterest. Thank you for choosing to stay and give us more of what we love.

  25. Hi,
    I love your blog, I’m not a commenter, just took me a little
    time now to work out how to! haha true.
    Just love your, sunny, happy outlook, please keep it up, I
    am Australian, live coastal 2hrs nth of Sydney, work in a
    bookshop, so love your book choices in your “wear this there”
    so good!
    Thanks, Kay

  26. “when i simply want to scroll through inspiring still images and instead music or voices or videos pop up uninvited and sort of ruin my zen.”

    A thousand times this!!!! So glad you are back, I’ve missed you.

    Your blog lead me to the magnificent Lisbon (and Prado!) and for that I am forever thankful. I’ll keep reading for as long as you keep posting.

  27. So happy to have you back. You are my favorite blogger. I find your posts so well designed and thoughtful. I am so grateful that you take the time to share your creativity.

  28. Welcome back Victoria!! I’ve missed you. Your posts are my favorite to read with my morning coffee! Take care of you and I look forward to whatever beautiful inspiration you have to share moving forward. ((Hugs)) ❤️

  29. I love your blog, it’s concise, visually appealing and most importantly doesn’t add to my media overload. I agree with you 100% about Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve said many times that since Facebook took over Instagram there seems to be an obsession with competing with TikTok and I am NOT interested in that at all. I too went there for zen/interesting imagery. Good to have you back, you have a great eye and it was missed.

  30. Glad you’re back!
    Been with you many years and your my go to for real-ness, beauty and inspiration.
    What you put out to our world and my world is very valuable and frankly needed.
    I look forward to your new posts.

  31. Welcome back! I rarely comment on anything but want to say I agree with all the comments, I too MISSED you and your amazing gift of putting together this blog, something I always look forward to seeing in my email each morning. With that said am also happy for you that you feel valued in what you do ( we all love you) and have found a balance in how you will move forward with the blog. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

  32. ~~~~ Welcome Back ~~~~~~~ ….was looking for you….and yah…you popped up today! I am loving your book that my friendly neighborhood Amazon man brought me a few weeks back…. Anymore books to be published in your future???

  33. I LOVE you & your blog! Thnak you sooooo much to continue!
    It’s Inspiration and big, big joy for me!


    Big hug & kisses,
    lightful greetings

  34. I found your blog sometime after I left SF around 2008 and moved to Texas and it for so long felt like my connection back to my favorite city, and now, just to California in general. Your style is so lovely, as are your travel posts. I found Pensao Agricola in southern Portugal on your site, and we stayed there on our honeymoon. 10/10 would recommend, just like your blog!

  35. Hi Victoria, I am an elder german woman, I was working in the fashion business with my own fashion magazine and I just want to tell you, how much I love your blog. I noticed that I really missed you during your time off. I look at a lot of blogs, instagram and magazines, but nothing inspires me like you do. You have such a good taste, such a good eye in finding inspiration, such a good mixture of old and modern, and also a very personal and individuell style. Please keep on going, no need to post more . I like this high quality. Love it!! Puja

  36. I dont think I can express how much I enjoy ALL of your posts. They are truly inspirational, completely accurate and communicated in such a beautiful way. Please dont stop writing any of them.
    Also, I would like to say that this is the first comment I make on anything public, so this is how much I care about your blog.

  37. victoria,
    i’ve been a follower since you lived in SF and I remember how cool i thought your blog was when i first saw it. nothing has changed since. it never disappoints. you inspire. i’m glad that you will be continuing in whatever capacity is good for you.
    welcome back! ( alittle late i know) ❤️

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