friday finds.
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welcome back to my friday finds, friends. this week it would appear i’m super into green because these images all have some form of greenery among them. i also just wanted to pop into say thank you so much for the warmest welcome back! i haven’t had a moment to reply to all your lovely comments individually as it’s been a really busy week — i’ve been restocking super marché with our latest vintage french finds and getting back into the swing of being a working girl again! but your kind comments have really made me feel most appreciated, so thank you so much!

ciao! xo, victoria

  1. how pretty is the light in this lovely little kitchen photographed by ceruleansurf on vsco. i love vsco and for those of you looking for inspiring work, check out their galleries, and if you’re looking for a photo editing app, it’s been my go-to app for years and years.
  2. interior designer Jono Fleming’s parents’ farmhouse lounge room is just so cozy. i love the flagstone fireplace and rustic open beamed ceilings paired with the simple terrazzo floor. i could see hunkering down for the winter here quite nicely.
  3. isn’t this a fabulous old workbench repurposed as a dining room credenza? we see these in france a lot on our shopping trips for super marché and my partner elsie green often picks up a few for her shop (there’s one in stock now), so keep that in mind should you love this look as much as i do.
  4. i don’t want to get ahead of myself in regards to holiday decor (because i hate that!) but i do like this idea of a fern artfully draped over a pendant lamp for a subtle, but very effective christmas decoration. the whole dining space is quite pretty anyway, so who’s to say ferns are just for the holidays, right?
  5. i love everything about this pretty picture window by, but i especially wish they made buildings like they used to. all the ornate molding, interior turquoise shutters, and that fabulous awning just create such a special space for a simple window. sigh.
  6. talk about your wonderful old-world details, this bathroom hits the spot! it’s the home (or i should say chateau!) of french architect luis Laplace. these charming double sinks would get me to remember to wash my face every night before bed for sure!
  7. as her instagram caption says, “Maybe the best terrazzo ever? (Or at least most photographable)”. that’s for sure. i love the look of this tile in seville spain photographed by interior designer @martha_mulholland and it would look smashing poolside, or perhaps in a bathroom!
  8. this is such a pretty fall color palette and j’adore the lighting wall sconce. it’s from portland-based maven collective whom i’ve mentioned before but her vintage shop deserves a second (or third!) mention because her eye is sublime and her finds just so special. she posts them to her instagram so be sure and follow.

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  1. I didn’t comment on the original post, but wanted to reach out and say I love loooove your blog and would be so sad if you stopped posting! I’ve been reading almost every day for a really long time, maybe close to 10 years (?!) and I always get so much inspiration and joy from the images you pull together, not to mention design inspiration for my various tiny city apartments over the years. Thank you for making one of my favourite places on the internet!

  2. Loving all the green (especially in the top photo)!

    Also, I’m delighted you found a way to continue blogging that suits you. You have an amazing eye for color and images. There is so much variety in the photos you post and also a kind of consistency too. I get lots of ideas from this blog. Thank you!

  3. Hi Victoria,

    I missed your lovely posts so much!! Thank you for coming back and please don’t ever stop coming back:) love this post – the green is so fresh and vibrant. Oh to dream spending some down time in Any of These wonderful spaces…

  4. I missed you, lovely lady and your incredible photos and posts! So glad to have you back! :) I came “by” a handful of times in the interim of your being off. You were missed! I am grateful you are back and for the time you put into this. Your blog is exquisite and my favorite guilty pleasure! THANK YOU, Victoria!!
    ~ MMMwah!

  5. Yes…am also pleased you are back and have decided to continue in a way that suits you.I have been reading your blog for a number of years as well,and also purchased your book.Your style and eye for detail and color are outstanding,and I look forward to your blog popping up in my inbox.

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