friday finds.
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friday finds and a holiday sign off / sfgirlbybay

friday greetings and a little something different this week — a holiday collage and a spotify christmas playlist. i’m signing off as i always do for the holidays. it’s the one long break i take from the blog each year, and i hope you’ll be taking some time away from technology and spending more time with the people you love and who inspire you, too. but i will have some ‘best of’ blog posts up while i’m away! i’m so thankful for all of you — those of you who read the blog loyally and make me feel so creatively fulfilled. i am going to spend the next two weeks brainstorming and taking notes on ideas to make the blog better in 2022. i also wanted to mention that it does not go unnoticed that this is a career i don’t take for granted, and i very much consider all of your input — good and bad — constructive criticism keeps me on my toes! so if there’s something you’d like to share with me about what you’d like to see here in the future, i’d love to hear your thoughts so i can provide you with more inspiration for making your home and hopefully your life just a little bit better and more beautiful. i just wanted to check in with you before i take off to thank you for all your support. despite all the chaos in the world (i don’t think any of us can be immune to all the upheaval out there right now) it’s personally been both a year of immense struggle, but also a very good year for me. for growth, for change, and generally just feeling really happy and fortunate for where i live — back at the beach where i find lots of comfort. i’m starting to meet some good friends here too, and my social life has improved vastly since all the isolation of the past couple of years. i can definitely be a loner and i used to spend hours upon days alone and that’s just not the case anymore — my new friends here are making me feel creative and connected to the world again and i am so grateful to have met them. and while of course, the conflicts in our world and covid still loom — something’s shifted and it may have just been brought on by new surroundings and a fresh start, but whatever it is, i’m so very thankful. i wish you all a very happy holiday, lots of lovely rest and relaxation, and a very merry new year. i’ll see you all on instagram over the holidays and back here on the blog in january. until then, lots of love to you and enjoy the music.

xo, victoria

friday finds and a holiday sign off / sfgirlbybay

• photo credits, row by row, l to r:

top collage: 1. holiday magazine; vintage knitting pattern; christmas wreath. 2. simple tree by @elsie_green; sarah flint collections; life magazine’s skating waiters; 3. fireplace via days like laura; White Paper lantern from world market; Original Slim Aarons Verbier Vacation Photographic Print from chairish; 4. christmas ball ornament from zara; audrey hepburn via vanity fair; vintage christmas truck from deep puddy; 5. City Christmas Car from Avanti Christmas Cards; vintage dinner table via them; photo in hand via uwe shramm.

bottom collage: 1. Retro 50s Ski Pixie Outfit; christmas bush by lotta agaton; vintage Santa Claus Winking Wood Wall Decor from zazzle; 2. pink christmas tree via anastasia blogger; christmas branch by the lovely drawer; cocktail tumbler via g the gentleman; 3. Acorn Ornament from old world christmas; red velvet sofa from architectural digest espana; ice skaters by dabito; 4. christmas cowgirl by Bev In Colorado USA; Mele Kalikimaka A Very Merry Christmas Postcard from zazzle; christmas truck; 5. christmas buffet puzzle from punch line; Pink Bottle Brush Trees from factory direct craft; croissant christmas ornament from anthropologie.

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  1. Merry Christmas and Fa La La to you! Thanks for consistently putting out great blog content. Yours is one of the few great blogs left in the world! As a caretaker to an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s, I can feel your past loneliness. But also like you perhaps, I’m comfortable being a loner, though there’s no question hanging out with buddies and laughing and bouncing ideas off one another is a whole different kind of joy. FWIW, just know that you do brighten up someone’s day on the other side of the country with your posts. You just never know who you touch in a positive way and I wanted you to know. Enjoy your break!

  2. I go to your website daily as a treat for myself.. You have such a great eye and writing style. I’d love to see more of your own space. I will never live in a home that has the good bones and style of the ones you feature. Can you share more of how the majority of us who have to make do can actually make our less than inspiring homes just a bit more inspiring.
    Merry Christmas and God bless you.

  3. Wishing you a very happy and restful holiday break. Thank you for the inspiration and beauty you share here. I can’t adequately express how much I enjoy reading and taking in the images you share in your blog posts — a true bright spot in my daily routine. I always leave feeling inspired and uplifted – a rarity on the internet these days – so a very heartfelt thank you and I wish you a very Happy New Year!.

  4. Have a wonderful break and holiday Victoria!! Wondering if you would ever do a post of images inspired by a song? You don’t really talk much about music but I’m sure it’s an influence.

  5. Nailed it. Thank you for being such a constant inspiration. Your beautiful curation hits the mark every time. Enjoy your break.

  6. Happiest Holidays Victoria! Enjoy your break! I love your blog just the way it is. But it’s good to evolve too! xo

  7. Enjoy every moment of your holidays Victoria! Your work is an inspiration and love reading about who/what inspired you.

  8. Merry Christmas and Thank You for all the inspiration and content you provide! May the new year bring renewed vim and vigor, peace and contentment.

  9. Appreciation for your blog from the other side of the world.I always look forward to seeing what you have to share,and the way that you put such thought and care into your creative curations.Keep up the good work…you are very much valued and appreciated.And yay for happiness!!!!

  10. Wishing you the happiest holidays! May your season be filled with peace, laughter, and joy! Be safe and be well.

  11. I have that balaclava pattern somewhere – can you imagine how itchy it would have been in the original yarn? Happy holidays!

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