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john derian's home via friday finds / sfgirlbybay

happy weekend everyone! as you’ll read below i’m in one of my restless redecorating moods that come upon every couple of years or so. so some of my friday finds this week focus on some of my ideas for around the cottage. there are some really lovely backsplash ideas, too should anyone be on the hunt for that kind of inspiration. i hope you like them. have a great weekend and see you next week!

xo, victoria

  1. i’m rather obsessed with this Manhattan home of John Derian featured recently on architectural digest. i’ve been considering bringing in some kind of chaise lounge to place in front of my french doors to the outside patio and this one that he designed for cisco home is pretty dreamy.
  2. interior designer hilary robertson posted this chic living room vignette and i’m kind of over the moon about its very kind of unfinished wabi-sabi look. she said in her caption she was “embracing this accidental color scheme and rather enjoying my patchwork of paint samples” and i really get it. i’m hoping she leaves the unfinished paint swatches just as is.
  3. domino featured kalon studios los angeles showroom and i’m quite smitten with this gold-green stone that they actually found in a remnant pile at a local stone yard. what a beautiful statement-making countertop and backsplash it makes. it just goes to shows you — don’t forget to take a look at the remnant piles!
  4. i’m in one of those moods of mine where i feel the itch to redecorate, and one idea i had was turning my guest room/office into a dining area instead. i don’t use it very much, so i’d love a modern white round table like this one, with all my mismatched vintage dining room chairs around it. i think it could be cozy with a big lantern over the center of the table!
  5. this is such a pretty little vignette from @janaroach. a girl after my own heart, these pieces were supposed to be for her homewares shop honey home & design but they made it home with her instead. i love a good vintage bust and these are so wonderful.
  6. now that i’ve graduated from my TM instruction (that i mentioned last week) i’m on the hunt for a beautiful meditation cushion. this gorgeous look from the nomad collective is most enticing. this whole space looks like the ideal spot for finding a bit of zen, doesn’t it? oh, and many of you have asked, and i took instruction through a certified teacher i found here on the transcendental mediation website if anyone is interested. it’s so beneficial and i love it thus far!
  7. i adore this bright and colorful art print Serene Stripes from the newly launched The Daydreamer Collection by Hanna Peterson on the poster club. if you’re looking for great art, they’re a really valuable online resource for affordable art and have some great prints to be sure.
  8. this is another very fabulous marble and tile backsplash and the overall powder room design is just so great. designed by brooklyn-based home studios, the wall mural was a superb addition, done by artist kimmy quillin. it just sends the whole design to the next level.

hilary robertson's home via friday finds / sfgirlbybay

kalon studios backsplash on friday finds / sfgirlbybay

dining room via milk decoration on friday finds / sfgirlbybay

jana roach's home on friday finds / sfgirlbybay

nomad collective on friday finds / sfgirlbybay

the poster club on friday finds / sfgirlbybay

powder room design by home studios on friday finds / sfgirlbybay

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