me time.
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hi guys, and happy monday! at the last minute, i’ve decided i’m taking a wee break this week to celebrate my birthday with some friends and family that are in town. but i’m not staying entirely off the grid — i’ve posted some ‘best of’ posts for you this week to hopefully keep you inspired in my absence. i hope the mums out there had a very happy mother’s day. and, if it was tough for you for any reason, i was with you. it was a weird day of missing my mum, and feeling strangely left out of both friends’ and strangers’ instagram posts. i just couldn’t get my head around what i should be doing with my day and went around in pointless and unproductive circles, thus the lack of inspiration for new posts this week — i do apologize! anyway, let’s hope for a better week for all of us if you were feeling a little off, too. much love and i’ll see you next week with hopefully some happy and uplifting new posts.

in the meantime, beginning later this morning enjoy the ‘best of’ the blog!

xo, victoria

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  1. I feel you on the Mother’s Day front, V. Big hugs to you there. And hoping you enjoy your break and have a Happy Birthday. xx U.B.

  2. Happy Birthday! Mum’s day is ROUGH. I’m sorry you circled. Enjoy your time with people who love you!

  3. Happy birthday Victoria. Let yourself be celebrated. Love your posts. They are always a highlight in my day. I share your passion for the Côte d’Azur. Am also a SF girl originally, but found my home in Salzburg Austria since 40 years. Alas I can travel to France every year. I love how you always are able to inspire me and wisk me away to dreamland

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