sfgirl is moving to substack!
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sfgirl is moving to new substack platform / sfgirlbybay

once upon a time, i was a san francisco girl, the founder, and publisher of this long-running blog SFGirlByBay, and now i happily reside seaside in sunny laguna beach as i head into my golden years (ahem, i’m now 63 and sliding slowly into semi-retirement). i have been creating unique creative content in the design community since 2006 (so you could say i am one of those o.g.’s) so this news is somewhat bittersweet. but after brainstorming, fretting, and trying to devise a plan to save this blog for you, i’ve come upon a solution i hope will work for everyone.

and that, my friends, is to move this blog to substack. along with unique design content i currently share on instagram and pinterest; it’s on substack i will now be sharing my latest design discoveries with you beginning this week. if you’re unfamiliar with substack, it lets independent bloggers, writers, and podcasters publish directly to their audience and earn a small income through affordable and free subscriptions — it will look just like the blog, only delivered straight to your inbox! or you can simply read on the app or the substack website directly. it’s easy-peasy, so don’t worry.

sfgirl is moving to new substack platform / sfgirlbybay

i will be providing you with ad-free, sponsored-post-free content from now on, on substack. there are a few subscription options, including free subscriptions — there will always be 1 free post per week for those of you who prefer to follow along unpaid. and for $5/month (or $4.17/month if you subscribe annually), you’ll receive all my blog posts. So there are a few paid subscription options that provide you with all the additional design posts and include fellowship in our community, including commenting and occasional additional random musings and unique recommendations from me. it’s a small fee, but it’s the cumulative effect that will keep the blog going. all those small subscription fees add up to help support my business, and without them, we won’t succeed to save the blog. but together, we can make it work.

you can still look forward to the same eclectic design content i’ve been sharing for years on the blog, but with the ever-changing landscape of social media and shrinking attention spans, i’ve realized i can no longer support myself through sponsored posts and advertising, especially since the algorithm whims of the mighty powers that control what we see have shifted the way you view and read my content. and costs to run a blog, rising fees for servers, and all the boring blah blah blah, but necessary technical peripherals needed to support a blog platform have become much too cost-prohibitive for me to continue as-is after happily providing you with thousands and thousands of free posts for over 16 years.

sfgirl is moving to new substack platform / sfgirlbybay

i hope you’ll continue to read but now ad-free, sponsor-free design inspiration on substack and that you’ll subscribe and support my future endeavors. i hope you’ll find a small subscription fee (about the same price of one latte, per month) worth your while and your continued loyal readership. it would mean the world to me to have you along on this new endeavor of mine! i don’t yet know what will happen to my archival posts, so should you want to save your favorite images, pinning them to Pinterest is a good way to do that. the blog will continue to live here through mid-October at a minimum, but it then may sadly land in the blog graveyard if archiving proves too expensive.

i’m so happy to be making this move, and i’m excited to have you along for the ride. as i said, the original blog will be live for a few months longer, but by year-end, substack is where you’ll find me and all my design finds. cheers, and thank you so much for your continued kind support and readership!

xo, victoria

14 responses to “sfgirl is moving to substack!”

  1. It sounds like a good move, I will subscribe as I have always enjoyed your blog/creative content. People can not/ should not expect FREE content forever and need to understand the value that the work of people such as yourself bring to their life.
    Good luck with the new platform, and I should see you there!
    Margarita all the way from the Canary Islands.

    • Thank you so much Margarita in the Canary Islands! I love knowing you’re reading from so far away! :) And I really appreciate your support on this move. Cheers!!

  2. I know I have so very much appreciated your free content over the years, Victoria. Thank you.
    I have subscribed as my day starts out with you, and wouldn’t be complete without your wonderful posts.

    • Hi CeCe, Thank you so much! I know how consistently you’ve contributed your kind comments to the blog and I’m so grateful for your subscription! See you on Substack! :) x

  3. Subscribing now! One thing I love about your blog is Wear This There. Now I need to go through and save all these beautiful places to hopefully visit one day. One thing I would love from you (on the paid level of course) is a map or just list by country of these eateries, hotels and shops. You always seem to find the most gorgeous places and having them in one spot to reference would be life changing :) See you on the substack

    • Thanks so much, Nicolette! And I love that idea. Let me see if I can make that work somehow. It may have to be individual posts by city — like all the NYC posts summarized into one. Thanks for the suggestion. And Wear This There will be part of the paid subscription posts. :)

  4. Long-time reader and I absolutely support this move. A lot of my other favorite bloggers or yore have done the same and while I can’t afford to subscribe to everyone it’s just the reality that the the blog business model that worked so well a decade ago is just a real slog for folks nowadays. I appreciate all that you do behind the scenes to figure out how to make the money side of it work so that you can give us your wonderful voice! In many ways that must be the hardest work of all.

    • Thank you so much for the kind support, Shannon! It means a lot to me to know that you understand the transition and are on board with it. It feels rather freeing to know that I’m only posting what I love and think the readers will love without any constraints or having to hustle for brands that just want TikTok these days. It’s just not my style. Thank you, thank you!

  5. Victoria, I have been following you for years, since you lived in SF and I hoped I would run into you on the street one day (never did). I just subscribed on Substack and hope others will join me. Let’s pay artists who bring us joy for their work! Also, if you ever consider a meet up (or, dare to dream, Paris trip!!), I will be your first RSVP!

    • Hi Samantha, thank you so much for supporting the new format. It means so much to me, and I appreciate your comment! A Paris meet-up would be fun! Never say never! Thanks again very much!

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