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hi, i’m victoria smith aka sfgirlbybay. i originally started blogging as a san francisco girl, but currently reside seaside in sunny laguna beach. i’m a writer, designer, photographer, photo stylist, and author of see san francisco. i’m also an extroverted introvert who happens to be hardwired to share uniquely creative interior design. publishing in the online community since 2006, i’m all about unique, personal style, and it’s here that i now share my latest design discoveries with you. welcome.

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a very reasonable question: you will get access to all my archival posts and a minimum of one subscriber-only post per week — ALL of my exclusive design content, like color stories and my recs for instagram worthy accounts you’ll want to follow, my very popular wear this there posts, as all as friday finds, super marché vintage shopping roundups, and quite often, random musings and unique recommendations from me when i feel like i want to share something you shouldn’t miss — a podcast, an interesting talk, a film or perhaps a great read. lastly, you’ll be part of our community and the conversation, and you’ll be able to comment on posts, direct message me, and engage with other readers in our community and with me. and you’ll be supporting me and all i’ve been putting out in the design universe since 2006 and, most importantly, independent design.

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if you pay by the month, it’s $5.00 per month for at least one post per week.

annual subscriptions are $50.00 per year, or a discount of $4.17 per month, for at least one post per week.

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every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox, so you won’t have to worry about missing anything. you can also read via the substack app, and on your desktop computer directly on my substack page.

a little bit more about me and why you might like to read.

fun fact: i was one of the original ‘pin-fluencers’ to help founder ben silbermann launch the pinterest platform in 2010, as noted in this forbe’s magazine article, which reads, “new web 2.0 phenomenon pinterest saw its success finally take off after partnering with influential blogger sfgirlbybay”.  ben silbermann even thanked me during a keynote speech at camp mighty, saying he was “forever grateful to sfgirlbybay for getting people to try out pinterest”. since then, i’ve amassed over 974,000 pinterest followers, which include design aficionados like martha stewart living and diane keaton. my pins now receive a whopping 4.4+ million views per month.

i love photography, too, so you can always find me on threads, and on instagram, like you, fighting that darn algorithm every day. but i’ve decided just to let go of all those pesky annoyances and simply post photos i love. hope to see you there.

stay inspired with all the design news that’s fit to print.

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cheers! victoria

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uniquely eclectic interior styling inspiration curated with an eye for vintage-modern design with a snapshot of travel, lifestyle and fashion, too. we’re all about unique, personal style here. welcome.


i'm victoria, publisher of sfgirlbybay, a lifestyle, interior design, and fashion blog with a unique, bohemian slant on home design. welcome to my eclectic world.