victoria smith is sf girl by bay, a san francisco girl now living seaside in laguna beach — a blogger, photographer, photo stylist, and author of See San Francisco, published by chronicle books. a self-proclaimed ‘design junkie and an extroverted introvert who happens to be hardwired to share’, victoria has been creating unique creative content in the design blog community since 2006.

fun fact: victoria was one of the original ‘pin-fluencers’ to help founder Ben Silberman launch the Pinterest platform in 2010, as noted in this forbe’s magazine article which reads, “new web 2.0 phenomenon pinterest saw its success finally take off after partnering with influential blogger sf girl by bay”. silberman thanked victoria himself during a keynote speech at Camp Mighty saying he was, “forever grateful to sf girl by bay for getting people to try out Pinterest”. since then, Victoria has amassed over 958,000 Pinterest followers, which include influencers like martha stewart living, oprah winfrey and diane keaton, and her pins now receive a whopping 10+ million views per month and over 560,000 daily impressions!

victoria’s Instagram, with a loyal audience of 212,000 followers, has been hailed as one of Domino Magazine’s “Design Instagram Accounts for Endless Inspiration”, and on BuzzFeed as one of the “18 Interior Design Instagrammers to Follow”. When she’s not blogging, Victoria is incessantly instagramming, and running around the beaches of Laguna, scouting the latest finds with her camera and trusty dog, Lucy. she also hails from circus blood, but that’s a whole other story.


Suzanne Shade is a San Francisco-based Creative Director and the designer behind sf girl by bay’s new blog and shop. Her mission was to capture Victoria’s inimitable spirit: “One part L.A. Sunshine, 2 parts Vintage Chic and a touch of punk rock.” Suzanne and Victoria would like to thank collaborators Jenny Volvoski from ALSO Design on development skills and Jesse Chamberlin and Jimmy Marble of JimJam for their character portraits of Miss V.

Also is a small design company based out of Chicago. They work on a variety of identity, print and web projects, as well as dabble in writing and illustrating non-fiction kids’ books. They are responsible for the development of sf girl by bay’s website, under the watchful eye of Suzanne Shade and Victoria. If you see any bugs or errors, you know who to blame.