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i've got some unique homes from all over today, from germany to finland and france and then all the way back home stateside in los angeles. let's roam.
we're headed to san francisco's dogpatch neighborhood today to get all filled up on some fabulous greek food.
white on white with bits of black, natural wood and textiles, and a few shiny objects thrown in for good measure make for a very calming space indeed.
i'm sharing some of my favorite online spots to shop for vintage — the ultimate resource for products that are environmentally friendly, recycled and…
as per usual, my friday finds are all over the eclectic map this week. here's hoping you find something that piques your curiosity.
let's head to a cozy neighborhood spot in williamsburg, where maybe they'll even get to know your name.
we're pampering ourselves today with some art deco inspired bathroom eye candy.
it's been non-stop pouring rain here in california, what do you say we stay in bed?
what to do with boring hallways and other design conundrums are challenged and discussed today. do join us.
boutique accommodations have a special place in my heart, and when you find the perfect one, it almost begins to feel like your home away from home…
how and where you hang your artwork can sometimes be just as, or even more interesting than, the art itself.
despite a childhood void of love for anything mid-century modern, my taste has thankfully evolved.
happy 2023, friends. i'm back with a very mixed bag of friday finds for you. let's get eclectic.