The Modern Bohemian.
by Chelsea Jackson comment


bohemian vanity area. / sfgirlbybay

Hello, hello! My name is Chelsea (nice to e-meet you!) and I’m so excited to be joining the sfgirlbybay team as a regular guest contributor. This is a site I’ve loved for years and I’m beside myself at the opportunity to share a little of what I love here. A few quick facts about me: I’ve blogged at Hazel + Scout for almost 8 years (!), I live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I have a six-year-old daughter who is recently obsessed with David Bowie and I’m never without a good playlist. I can’t wait to dive in and explore all things SF Girl with you!

xx, chelsea

plywood kitchen with open shelving. / sfgirlbybay

As is often the case, design changes and grows with the ebb and flow of the time. When I think back to the rise of bohemian or ~boho~ (cringe) spaces, I pretty instantly conjure up visions of fussy interiors, littered with superfluous greenery. You know, spaces that look like a lot of work went into making them appear “undone”.

Something about bohemian style shifted in a big way over the last couple of years and what we’re left with, in this new wave of bohemian style, are spaces evocative of easy living, real life and possessions collected over time. A real resurgence of simplicity with a focus on form, functionality, and personality has ushered in the new guard of bohemian spaces. Wall hangings are still big (and I’m still obsessed with them!), things are still sun-soaked and colors remain neutral but a lot has changed.

bohemian modern bedroom. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian modern event space in los angeles. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian modern kitchen decor. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian modern home decor. / sfgirlbybay

beamed ceiling and bohemian modern decor. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian modern art objects and decor. / sfgirlbybay

mid-century modern furniture and bohemian modern decor. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian modern living room with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian modern low shelving unit. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: retrodentulsa, nicki sebastian, the joshua trehouse, sarah sherman samuel, the socialite family, ally walsh, general store, kirill bergart, aleksandra zee, greta van der star, nicki sebastian, live like it’s the weekend, angi welsch, nicki sebastian.

friday finds.
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stylist kendra's smoot's mill valley home via jenni kayne. / sfgirlbybay

welcome to the weekend, guys. it’s been a very hectic week. i returned from the bay area with all the photos i snapped of the new vintage loot at super marché and let’s just say, editing is a long process! but i’m excited about the new pieces in the shop, and i hope you like what i’ve done with the styling. i’ve been working hard to make them a little more ‘me’ if that makes sense. i’m up for a laid back, relaxed kind of long weekend, and i think this week’s friday finds reflect that. monday’s a holiday, so we’ll see you back her tuesday!
xo, victoria

  1. i’m super envious jenni kayne got the scoop on stylist kendra’s smoot’s mill valley home. it’s a stunner and i’m a big fan of her work, and of her husband’s, photographer seth smoot. swooning over the talented smoots.
  2. poppytalk has a smashing feature on Paris’s own doisy hotel. note to self — next trip to france, i must check out this lovely looking spot with a very ‘hotel california’ kind of vibe.
  3. and if this is your kind of look — bamboo, beachy and super informal — you might like some of the vintage bamboo pieces (hanging chair, anyone?) from france we’ve added to super marché. this rattan side table is one i wanted to bring home (which is the hard part of this job!).
  4. headed to oahu or have it on your bucket list? well, chelsea from hazel + scout has this handy dandy guide to the island — one island i’ve yet to visit. and some fun news? chelsea’s coming on board here at sfgirlbybay as a regular guest contributor. i’m stoked!
  5. i stuck one of these sun-burnt, dried out palm fronds in a vase and my mum did not get it. at all. well, lookee here, mum — it’s right on trend. perhaps this mark pavlotis glass vessel makes this one look prettier than mine?
  6. even in the Netherlands, this beachy look is popular. i love this charming little nook and great that bamboo lounger. the simple styling is spot-on.
  7. again, if this beachy look is your jam, you might also like textile artist kimberly corday’s handwoven wall hangings. this one, in particular, is my favorite, but have a gander at all her beauties.

doisy hotel in paris via poppytalk. / sfgirlbybay

woven headboard and beachy wall mural. / sfgirlbybay

rattan side table via super marché. / sfgirlbybay

surf boards against white building. / sfgirlbybay

surf board with palm fronds. / sfgirlbybay

single palm stem in glass vase. / sfgirlbybay

bamboo lounge chair. / sfgirlbybay

natiral woven wall hanging. / sfgirlbybay


wear this there: caffé palladio.
by Michaela d'Artois comment


caffé palladio in india. / sfgirlbybay

in the lush cultural destination of jaipur sits a café that will truly transport you to another time. caffé palladio is an oasis amongst the heat and bustling streets of india, lending a bright mixture of Sicilian meets Arab fare for your culinary senses. the terrace swoons you with the wafting smells of orange blossoms and might just be the perfect place to catch up your reading. this week we’re flipping open the novel the god of small things a story that takes place in india of passionate love, loss, and excitement along the way. a silky jumpsuit will make this endeavor one of comfort and do I even need to say luxury (i mean just look at this place). slip on a pair of our new favorite slides by a bronze age, and waste away a day here — you came all this way!

~ michaela d’artois, vérité woman.

wall mural inside India's caffé palladio. / sfgirlbybaywear this there: caffé palladio in India. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: zara printed jumpsuit; a bronze age massa suede shoe in pop; needs supply Farrow Hazel faux fur Coat; cult gaia rhae earrings; essie bon boy-age nail polish; Nordstrom CÉLINE Cat Eye Sunglasses; the god of small things by arundhati roy; ilia lipstick in dizzy; lpa gia bag in taffy.

tropical wall mural inside caffé palladio in India. / sfgirlbybay

elaborate wall murals inside caffé palladio. / sfgirlbybay

caffé palladio wall mural. / sfgirlbybay

peach and green tropical wall mural inside caffé palladio. / sfgirlbybay

peach and mint color palette inside caffé palladio. / sfgirlbybay

tropical dining area at caffé palladio in India. / sfgirlbybay

tropical wall murals inside caffé palladio. / sfgirlbybay

• photography via caffé palladio and @barpalladio.