Sitemap - 2022 - SFGirlByBay

best of ~ friday finds.

best of ~ graphically speaking.

best of ~ a parisian holiday: where to eat and drink.

best of ~ color story: lilac season.

best of ~ friday finds.

best of ~ 'tis the season for cozy cabins.

best of ~ instagram worthy: @beetjehome.

best of ~ color story: understated pastels.

friday finds ~ volume 15.

wear this there: no197 chiswick fire station london.

random favorites: gifts that keep on giving.

wallpaper gone wild.

friday finds ~ volume 14.

wear this there: maison premiere brooklyn.

instagram worthy: @mia_loves_things.

pinterest pro tips.

friday finds ~ volume 13.

wear this there: marion wine bar.

color story: foggy gray days.

random favorites: colorful glassware.

an early friday finds ~ volume 12.

color story: pretty, sparkly things.

'tis the season for holiday baking.

friday finds ~ volume 11.

wear this there: lardo mexico city.

minimalist beach retreat.

friday finds ~ volume 10.

wear this there: château voltaire paris.

color story: neutral territory.

random favorites: euro vibe kitchen supplies.

friday finds ~ volume 9.

wear this there: anahi paris.

vintage modern made personal.

fall back. an autumn soundtrack.

instagram worthy: @mark_anthony_fox.

friday finds ~ volume 8.

wear this there: queen chow sydney.

shop small, local artists.

just pretty rocks, or mystical & powerful tools for good?

color story: jewel tones.

friday finds ~ volume 7.

wear this there: flamingo estate los angeles.

random favorites: tinned fish.

inspired by: the tiny euro kitchen.

fashion & beauty

artwork, photography & art galleries

interior designers & stylists

textiles, floor coverings, rugs & wallpaper

homewares & accessories


friday finds ~ volume 6.

wear this there: sel rrose new york.

color story: boo!

on trend: pass me the plates, please.

friday finds ~ volume 5.

wear this there: admiralgade 26 copenhagen.

a dozen good things: home design books.

color story: seaspray.

friday finds ~ volume 4.

wear this there: cafe parvis montreal.

color story: color me quirky.

good reads: remodelista in maine.

friday finds ~ volume 3.

wear this there: clamato paris.

inspired by: deep water, the film noir.

wowza, zara. love the new home collection.

friday finds ~ volume 2.

wear this there: ace hotel toronto.

inspired by: la piscine.

the paper trail of my summer vacation.

good reads: nomad at home.

friday finds ~ volume 1.

wear this there: sloane street deli.

and now, where to shop for new goods in paris.

just dropping in to say thank you.

shopping vintage in paris.

welcome to SFGirl on substack.